Special charges and rates

A special charge or rate is an annual fee paid by business properties that is pooled into a central fund and is spent on encouraging commerce and retail activity in that area. 

Moonee Valley City Council has four special rate and charge schemes:

  • Moonee Ponds business precinct
  • Keilor Road, Niddrie 
  • Union Road, Ascot Vale
  • Flemington business precinct

The Special Rate enables a business precinct to strongly position itself through joint promotion, marketing and business development activities. 

The trader association for each business precinct receives 100 per cent of the money collected and allocates this money to a range of activities including:

  • marketing events
  • promotional advertising and material
  • employment of a centre coordinator
  • centre décor and displays
  • works to enhance the appearance of the centre in addition to those already provided by Council

These strategies and activities are guided by each precinct’s Business Plan and Annual Activities Plan. All business and property owners are able to view their precinct's Business Plan and the Annual Activities Plan by contacting their relevant trader association. 

The owner of each property is primarily liable to pay the Special Rate and Charge. However, many landlords have leasing agreements which provide that a special rate and charge is to be passed on to the tenant, who becomes liable for payment, for example, where the tenant is responsible for all outgoings. 

Check your leasing arrangement or contact your landlord to find out who is liable for the special charge or rate.

For more specific information on each precinct, including amounts raised refer to the relevant factsheet.

Moonee Ponds fact sheet (pdf)

Union Road, Ascot Vale fact sheet (pdf)

Flemington fact sheet (pdf)

Last updated: Friday, 21 April 2017, 7:58 PM