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Main Gallery


Guest curator: Elizabeth Liddle

Saturday 3 June - Sunday 23 July

Artist & Curator Talk: Saturday, 15 July at 1pm

Marley Holloway- Clarke, Robert Kelly, Cassie Leatham, Anna Liebzeit and Steve Stelios Adam with Elizabeth Liddle, Hayley Millar- Baker, Josh Muir, Jenny Murray- Jones and Tyson Yunkaporta


Revealed is an exhibition that brings together a group of diverse Aboriginal artists' in an intermingled discourse that explores the idea that a weakened connection to country is interrelated to the challenges experiences by Indigenous communities across Australia.

Image: Hayley Millar- Baker, Untitled (Look mate, I don't mind a tidal wave as long as it doesn't knock over my esky), 2017, inkjet print on paper, 38 x 38cm. (detail)

Prime Movers

Daniel von Sturmer, Michael Prior, Laura Woodward, Simon MacEwan and Taree Mackenzie

Opening Night: Friday, 4 August 6pm to 8pm (all welcome)
Exhibition dates: 5 August – 24 September 
Artist and Curator Talk: Saturday, 26 August at 1pm 


You are invited to Prime Movers, an exhibition that considers how elemental forces like gravity, wind and light can be harnessed by artists to create mysterious and playful outcomes.

Comprised of non- traditional art materials, these kinetic installations and action based works explore changing states in matter and the transference of energy between people and things. 


The Atrium  

Even a Stopped Clock.

Katie Lee with Andrew Sainsbury

Saturday 3 June - Sunday 23 July


Katie Lee’s artistic practice is influenced by the dynamics of urban space. She draws on the interactions of humans, animals, architecture and natural forces to make her installations.

For her new work in the Incinerator Gallery’s Atrium space, Katie has engineered a suspended sculpture, made from timber, steel, toughened glass and electric fans.

Image: Katie Lee, Pendulum Trials (brick, bronze, chain, glazed ceramic, string) 2016, archival pigment print, 59.4 x 84.1 cm.

Rocky Mountain (Circling) 

Lizzy Sampson and Alica Bryson-Haynes

Saturday 4 August - Sunday 24 September



Rocky Mountain (Circling) is the result of a collaborative residency between Lizzy Sampson and Alica Bryson-Haynes, which focused on an exploration of walking and its relationship with artistic practice. 

Audiences are invited to circle the mountain in the Atrium space. 

IMAGE: Lizzy Sampson & Alica Bryson- Haynes, Rocky Mountain (Circling) 2014 – 14 (detail), papier mache, wire, paint, dimensions variable. 


Boadle Hall Community Gallery  


Andrea Hopgood


Andrea Hopgood began exploring the idea of the ‘cloud’ just after the death of her 18 year old son.

The quiet and solitary act of painting helped her transition through the tragedy, whilst the subject matter resonated with the emotional impact of her son’s death.

Cloud investigates the parallels between the different meanings of the cloud and her own stages of grief.

Image: Andrea Hopgood, Cloud Study 2016, (detail), oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm.

Strange Music

Domenica Vavala

Opening Night: Friday, 4 August 6pm to 8pm (all welcome)


Domenica Vavala’s practice uses symbolism to explore the relationship between the past and the present. Combining archaic symbols with natural imagery in finely rendered dreamscapes, Strange Music presents viewers with non-linear narratives both familiar and abject.

IMAGE: Domenica Vavala, Death Cycle, 2016, watercolour and graphite on fabriano artistico paper 640gsm, 1580 x 2133

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