Past exhibitions

Check out the past exhibitions held in the main gallery, Atrium, Garden and Boadle Hall Community Gallery.  

22 January - 20 March


A Shimmer of Hope, Once You Cut the Rope

Travers Nash


Nash's sound generating works are constructed from discarded objects and hand built electronics. Using these materials and this process he investigates the concept of value - aesthetic, spiritual and material.

The soundscapes produced by his assemblages challenge the listener to consider the distinction between noise and harmony, pleasant and unpleasant, order and chaos. Nash's intention is that if you listen deeply, you can hear the harmony within the noise.

Travers Nash is an installation and sound artist from Tweed Heads, Queensland.

19 February - 20 March

Main Gallery

Fireworks: Art and Design by Bright Young Things

VCE Group Show


Alisha Aloe, Zahraa Al-Zubayadi, Matthew Buccheri, Jacob Cutri, Jasmin Eljundi, Louie Evans, Madison Hedben, Rosie Lieschke, Kevin Ma, Liam martin, Matthew Modica, William Nelson, Nicholas Paloyanidis, Chloe Patinyotis, Jessica Pompei, Danielle Pozzebon, Joseph Pringipas, Eojin Seo, Yiling Shen, Kira Sozanski, Alexandra Veljanovski, Amelia Wawrzon, Thomas Wenlock

Fireworks, now in its fourth year, features exceptional works from VCE art and design students who live, work or go to school in Moonee valley. This exhibition is an opportunity to acknowledge the great contribution that youth make to Moonee Valley's vibrant community.

Prizes awarded at the opening include:

  • $500 Art Award
  • $500 Design Award
  • $200 Mayoral Award for Art
  • $200 Mayoral Award for Design

19 February - 13 March

Boadle Hall Community Gallery

Small Works

Nada Jovic


Nada Jovic is a local artist who paints in the tonal impressionist style. She words in oils, predominately on a small scale, to capture still life and figurative compositions. Painting 'Alla Prima', or wet on wet, Jovic's aim is to keep her paintings fresh and not overworked.

22 January - 14 February

Main Gallery

All you need is love

Lisa White

All You Need Is Love is an exhibition by Lisa White that originated from her original project, in support of marriage equality, the In Bed Project and is a exploration of love, equality and family.

Photographing families in the intimate setting of their beds, the images shine a light on the diverse forms the family unit can take and challenges the heteronormative perceptions of families in Australia.

A selection of 24 images, will be accompanied by the families’ own stories and views on family and equality, for gallery visitors to read.

The exhibition is a powerful statement that makes the difference that exists from family to family a symbol of pride in our society.

This is a Midsumma premier event supported by Go West.


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