Community safety

Community safety

Moonee Valley is a safe place to live, work and to enjoy, and we want to keep it that way. You should be able to go about your daily activities and be confident and feel safe.

In any activity, your personal safety and the safety of family and friends should always be your priority. 

  • Be alert and make good decisions that enable you to enjoy yourself and stay safe. 
  • Your personal safety is improved when you are aware of your surroundings, know how to avoid risks, have access to reliable information and have prepared strategies to stay safe.

This section provide tips and resources to help enhance the safety of you and those around you. We also recommend the Better Health Channel as a comprehensive source of health and safety information.

The aim of our program is to advocate on behalf of the community and to achieve a coordinated approach to safety in collaboration with external organisations and Police.

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Being prepared will help you to better deal with an emergency and minimise the impact it has on you and your household.

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Important contact details that you might need in times of an emergency.

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Fire can occur where the suburbs meet the bush or in urban areas where houses have grass, bushland or parkland around them.

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Our vision is to provide safe travel for the whole communiyt by adopting the Safe System Approach. This approach will prioritise safe perople, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe roads and...

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We are assisting local Police to compile after-hours contact details of business owners, to use in the event of any incident affecting a business premises out of hours.

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A heatwave is an extended period of uncomfortable hot weather that can have an impact on human health, community infrastructure (such as the power supply and public transport), and services.

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