Reduce emissions at home

Have you seen this new banner on our Civic Centre here in Moonee Ponds? We are proud to have cut greenhouse emissions at this building, and now we want to help you do the same at home.

To help you, we have set up:

  • smart garden design program to help you turn big and small gardens into places that shade homes, provide food and use resources locally. We love that trees can protect our homes from sun and wind, saving on heating and cooling costs and emissions. 
  • home environment kit to better understand how you use energy at home. Call your local library and make a booking for the kit.

It's very useful to have a look at your electricity and gas bills as a first step (and don’t forget to keep these bills, so that you can later see the progress you are making).

On your electricity bill, see how many kWh per day you are using. Compare this with the table below to find out if your household is a high user of electricity.

Number of people living in your house 

Daily electricity use range

Low range > High range

1 person  4kWh > 9kWh 
2 people  7kWh > 17kWh
3 people  10kWh > 23kWh
4 people 13kWh > 29kWh
5 people 15kWh > 33kWh
6 people 17kWh > 36kWh

Are you a high user of electricity? Check out our household electricity consumption fact sheet (pdf, 286KB) to find out simple ways to save electricity at home and then sign up with one of our great programs.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 22 December 2015, 5:27 AM