A key action in our Walking and Cycling Strategy 2012-22 is to develop a walking and cycling route by connecting local streets along the Craigieburn Rail Corridor from Essendon Station to Newmarket Station.

The overall aim is to create an attractive outcome for people travelling by all modes and to make it easier for people to walk or ride a bike by providing a convenient and safe option for those who do not feel comfortable travelling on busy streets.

May 2017 Update

Two projects identified as part of the Craigieburn Rail Corridor are to install a contraflow bicycle lane on Queens Avenue and to provide better walking and cycling treatments at the Kent Street and Queens Avenue intersection. The northbound Queens Avenue bicycle lane will encourage safer driving speeds due to the narrower vehicle lane. For cyclist safety, the bicycle lane will sit behind the east side car parking lane, with new rubber lane markers and a vibra-line/rumble edge to separate bike riders from parked cars. Parking has been updated in line with feedback from residents, with almost all parking spaces maintained along Queens Avenue. To maintain access during waste collection, no stopping zones will be operational at key passing intervals for a short period on Thursday mornings. Construction of the contraflow bicycle lane is anticipated to commence in late May 2017.

The Kent Street and Queens Avenue intersection upgrade will make it safer for people walking or cycling to and from Pin Oak Crescent, Kent Street and Queens Avenue. There will be no change for access by car, but the central median on Kent Street will be modified to allow bike riders to turn right into Pin Oak Crescent and Queens Avenue. Various pram crossings will also be upgraded. Construction of the intersection works is anticipated to commence in July 2017.

An independent road safety audit was conducted at both sites, and thorough consultation has taken place with VicRoads, to ensure safe and effective outcomes for all road users. 
For further information please contact our Sustainable Transport Officer on 9243 8888 or email transport@mvcc.vic.gov.au.  

July 2015 update

Sharrows (bicycle linemarking) were installed on Pin Oak Crescent from Racecourse Road to Kent Street in June 2015. This will help guide cyclists ride in the middle of the lane.

We continue to investigate options including planning and implementing crossing treatments on Kent Street, additional bicycle parking at Ascot Vale Station and a contraflow bicycle lane on Queens Avenue.

March 2014 update

In March Council resolved to start implementing this route. Development of the route is a long-term project for Council and timings are subject to funding.

January 2014 update

Council conducted further consultation with residents and owners of Sherbourne Street, Milfay Avenue and Queens Avenue as well as VicRoads and arranged for an independent Road Safety Audit.

May 2013 update

From 4 to 28 February 2013 we consulted with the community on proposed actions for the route, including four proposed options for local roads between Essendon and Newmarket Stations.

These proposed actions can be viewed in the Improve walking and cycling along the Craigieburn Rail Corridor factsheet (pdf, 2.61MB).

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 28 May 2013, Council resolved to:

  1. Note the community feedback received during the public consultation period.
  2. Support in principle safety improvements to the existing walking and cycling route along the Craigieburn Rail Corridor between Essendon and Newmarket stations including Options 8A, 12A, 13B and 16B.
  3. Undertake further consultation with residents and owners on Sherbourne Street, Milfay Avenue and Queens Avenue on concept plans and also with VicRoads and SITA bus company around potential road crossings on Ascot Vale Road, Maribyrnong Road and Kent Street.
  4. Implement the remainder of the actions which do not involve significant changes and to which there was no objections during community consultation.
  5. Receive a report on the results of the additional consultation.
  6. Advise respondents of the outcome of this report.

Please view the 28 May Ordinary Council meeting Agenda and Minutes for further details.

Last updated: Monday, 8 May 2017, 3:26 AM