We endorsed the updated Essendon Junction Grade Separation Feasibility Study (part 1, part 2) in April 2015 for advocacy purposes. 

The study investigates the grade separation of the Craigieburn line where it passes through Essendon and shows that a rail-under-road grade separation at Essendon Station is possible and would provide better outcomes for the community. 

Essendon is currently divided by the Craigieburn Line and Mt Alexander Road which causes considerable traffic congestion, delays and difficulties for pedestrians.

VicRoads estimates that the Buckley Street boom gates are lowered for 53 per cent of the peak period, but, despite having one of the longest boom closures in Melbourne, it is not included in the level crossing upgrades recently announced in the State Government budget.

The study examines the feasibility of a number of options for rail-under-road grade separation. It identifies a preferred option, with the following features.

  • Rail under Buckley Street and Mount Alexander Road.
  • Mount Alexander Road reinstated (‘lifted’) to grade.
  • Improved traffic and transport conditions in Mount Alexander Road and Buckley Street.
  • Improved pedestrian connectivity across Mount Alexander Road.
  • New below-grade station located between the existing heritage station and Mount Alexander Road.
  • Opportunity for improved public transport outcomes with a new tram, bus and train interchange on Mount Alexander Road.
  • Potential for a consolidated development site across the entire area between Rose Street and Mount Alexander Road.
  • Potential for at-grade pedestrian links between Rose Street, Russell Street and Mount Alexander Road.
  • Sensitive adaptive re-use of the heritage listed station complex.
  • Reinstatement of the historic boulevard alignment of Mount Alexander Road.

We will continue to work closely with VicTrack and the State Government to advocate for its preferred rail-under-road option.

For more information on the Essendon Junction Activity Centre and Feasibility Study visit the Essendon Junction Structure Planning page.

Last updated: Thursday, 12 January 2017, 11:27 PM