Bin collection

  • Your waste/landfill (red-lid) is emptied every week.
  • Your recycle bin (yellow-lid) is emptied once a fortnight.
  • Your garden bin (green-lid) is emptied once a fortnight on the alternate week to your recycle bin.

See the collection map (pdf, 270KB) to find out what area you're in and view the corresponding calendar to find out what is collected when in any given week:

Don’t waste our recycling efforts

Moonee Valley residents make a great effort to recycle. We need everyone to make sure that the right materials go into the right bin otherwise we can't recycle the material we collect.

To help increase our recycling rates, authorised Council officers will be inspecting recycling and garden waste bins over the next month to identify if incorrect materials have been placed in them.

Staff will be checking bins and applying an information tag to inspected bins which will either say ‘Hooray, great job on recycling correctly’ or ‘Oops, plastic bags don’t go in this bin’.

The aim of the program is to identify problem areas and educate residents on what should go in their recycling and garden waste bins.

Where incorrect materials are found in their bins, residents will be provided with an information leaflet about the correct items for each bin.

More information about the bin inspection program is available by calling the Waste Management team on 9243 8888.

Need a new bin?

We provide a range of bins for the collection of landfill, recycling and garden waste:

  • 120L Landfill
  • 120L Recycle
  • 240L Recycle
  • 360L Recycle
  • 240L Garden Waste

For an individual dwelling, new residences requiring a red-lidded waste bin and/or a yellow-lidded recycling bin can fill out a request for bin application form (pdf, 41KB).

If you are a property owner you can can fill out a request for a green-lidded garden waste bin (pdf, 69KB).

There are also separate forms for multiple unit developments (pdf, 45KB) and commercial properties (pdf, 73KB).

Do you find your recycling bin is filling up too fast?

You can upsize it to a 360L for a one off-fee of $82. To upsize, call us on 9243 8888 or fill out a 360L recycling bin upgrade form (pdf, 264KB).

All bin forms can be emailed to 

Broken bins

To report a broken bin please call us on 9243 8888.

Sports Clubs recycling

We support recycling at all sports clubs and community group facilities. Please contact us to arrange new recycling services or exchange some of your clubs current landfill bins for recycling.

Last updated: Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 8:28 AM