VicSmart fast track planning applications

What is VicSmart?

The State Government has introduced VicSmart, a 10-day permit application process that all Victorian local councils will follow for straightforward planning applications.

Where an application qualifies, Council must make a determination within 10 business days. VicSmart applications are exempt from advertising to the public, and the information applicants are required to submit is predetermined and mandatory.

Applicants can follow VicSmart’s guide to lodging a VicSmart application (pdf, 497kb).

What type of applications can be lodged under the VicSmart process?

The following 12 classes of applications have been included in the VicSmart process:

1. Realign a boundary between two lots (doc, 108kb)
2. Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space (doc, 98kb)
3. Subdivide land with an approved development into two lots (doc, 99kb)
4. Construct a front fence in a residential zone (doc, 89kb)
5. Construct a building or works in a commercial or industrial zone, or mixed use zone (doc, 101kb)
6. Construct a front fence in an overlay (doc, 87kb)
7. Remove, destroy or lop one tree (doc, 94kb)
8. Minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, painting or tree lopping in a Heritage Overlay (doc, 110kb)
9. Minor subdivision or buildings and works in a Special Building Overlay (doc, 95kb)
10. Display a sign in a commercial or industrial zone (doc, 92kb)
11. Reduce a car parking requirement (doc, 91kb)
12. Reduce or waive the loading and unloading requirements (doc, 88kb)

What information must be included with my application?

Each application type has a checklist which outlines the documents that are required to process your request.

To avoid any delays, book a pre-application meeting to discuss your application with a planner before submitting it.

How do I apply for a VicSmart planning permit?

You can apply for a VicSmart planning permit at the Planning Counter of Council’s Civic Centre, by post to Moonee Valley City Council, PO Box 126, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039 or through SPEAR

What is the planning Fee?

The costs for lodging a FastTrack application are the same as for lodging an application for a development permit. Please refer to the fee schedule to determine what fee you need to pay to lodge your application. The planning fee schedule is available in hard copy at our Statutory Planning counter at the Civic Centre. Please note the fee can only be paid by cheque or money order and must be made payable to the ‘City of Moonee Valley’.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact us and ask to speak with a Planning Officer on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Thursday, 4 January 2018, 1:00 AM