Car parking

For a planning permit applications to reduce or waive the car parking requirements set out in the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

We require certain information in order to properly assess your application against the planning protocols.

To ensure that your application can be processed quickly and efficiently, it is important that all the relevant information is included – the car parking guide (pdf, 645kb) will help you do this.

If you are making changes to your property (such as changing the use of your property or increasing the size of your buildings floor area for an existing use) you may be required to increase the amount of parking you have on site as per the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

We understand that this may not always be possible, so if you want to reduce or waive the number of required car parking spaces, you can apply for a planning permit.


A reduction refers to when you can provide some, but not all, of the required car parking spaces.


A waiver refers to when you can provide no car parking spaces.

To find out what car parking requirements apply to your property, see the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

An application for a reduction or a waiver of car parking is usually associated with the change of use or expansion of an existing use. If this is the case, refer to our planning guides or call our Statutory Planning unit on 9243 8888.

How to apply for a planning permit to reduce or waive car parking spaces

To apply for a permit follow these four steps:

Step 1 - complete an application for planning permit form (pdf, 295kb)

Step 2 -  refer to the fee schedule

Note: online applications lodged can be paid via credit card. Cheque or money orders must be made payable to the ‘City of Moonee Valley’.

Step 3 - prepare your application

Make sure to include all information listed in the car parking guide (pdf, 645kb), including plans and a written submission.

Step 4 - lodge your completed application online or:


by post: Moonee Valley City Council
Statutory Planning unit
PO Box 126
Moonee Valley, VIC 3039
in person: at the Civic Centre
Last updated: Monday, 16 October 2017, 11:02 PM