Advocacy agenda

We actively advocate on behalf of our community to the state and federal governments and key decision-makers on a range of important issues.

We do this in a number of ways, ranging from regular meetings with our local members of parliament, as an active member of peak groups – such as LeadWest, through delegations to the Victorian and Commonwealth governments and meetings with government agencies and departments. 

We have developed an Advocacy Agenda 2013-17 (pdf, 360KB) which includes objectives we are committed to focusing on over the next three years. Under each of the objectives are a range of advocacy projects. This agenda aligns with the key themes in our Council Plan and what the community told us for the Moonee Valley Next generation (MV2035) Community Vision.

Here are some of the high priority issues we are advocating for:

Essendon Junction (Buckley Street) grade separation project – rail under road

We have advocated for the removal of this level crossing over many years. We are working with the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) and the State Government to achieve the best outcome for our community. We believe the most effective outcome is a rail-under-road solution.

Our preferred option does not require any compulsory acquisition of property, and it would lower the train line beneath Buckley Street along the existing rail corridor.

On 20 December 2016, we endorsed a submission to the LXRA’s consultation on the Buckley Street level crossing removal project. On 29 April 2017, we hosted a public forum to give residents the opportunity to have their questions answered and voices heard on this major project. More than 450 residents attended.

We continue to advocate to the LXRA and relevant ministers. We want to have the matter referred to the Minister for Planning’s Standing advisory committee, which would give the community and stakeholders the right to have key issues considered independently.

Visit the Buckley Street webpage for project updates.

Improving liveability of the Flemington Public Housing Estate

Too many residents of the Flemington Public Housing Estate live in conditions that are unsafe and unsanitary.

We are working with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on a project to renew the estate and surrounding Debneys Park precinct.

In late 2016, the Minister for Housing announced $30 million to redevelop the estate. The first stage of the project, led by DHHS, will replace walk-up buildings with new social housing units. The number of social housing units on each site will increase by 10 per cent. To further finance the redevelopment, approximately 825 private dwellings will become available on each site.

Additional measures to improve the amenity and security of the area are also being planned.

The second stage of the project should begin in 2018, and will include planning for upgrades to Council land in the surrounding Debneys Park area. The upgrades and new infrastructure will provide increased sport and recreation facilities, and improved open spaces.

We are working closely with the community and other stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for residents and the broader community.

Visit the Flemington Housing Estate webpage for project updates.

Improving access to mental health services for young people

In 2016/17, we provided 515 hours of case management support and 319 hours of counselling to young people in Moonee Valley. This included early intervention and primary prevention work, outreach support across the municipality, advice to schools, services and parents, as well as referrals.

We are also very proud of these achievements:

  • We developed a directory that maps relevant services for young people.
  • We delivered six major wellbeing networking events in partnership with School Focused Youth Service (funded by the Department of Education).
  • We connected with more than 15 schools and 20 service agencies to share information and strengthen referral pathways for young people
  • And finally, we created the Moonee Valley Young People’s Coalition which brings together youth sector leaders, principals, and senior policy makers to coordinate activities and strengthen advocacy efforts aligned with Thrive: Strategy for Young People. The coalition guides the service sector’s response to the needs of young people as identified in the Thrive strategy and operates within a broader youth engagement framework that ensures consultation, participation and collaboration in supporting the needs of young people.

Incinerator Gallery

We are seeking funds to preserve and restore the Incinerator Gallery and transform it into a professionally accredited, first class public art gallery.

The gallery is in one of our most significant heritage buildings and is the home of our vibrant, visual arts program.

Originally designed by internationally acclaimed architect, Walter Burley Griffin, the site is significant to Moonee Valley and we proudly share this history through talks and self-guided tours.

The Incinerator Gallery is a member of the Public Galleries Association of Victoria, the peak body that represents 50 art galleries and museums across Victoria. This is an important acknowledgement of the high standard of visual arts programs that we offer through the Incinerator Gallery.

Although applications for support from external funding bodies have so far been unsuccessful, we will continue to advocate for funds to maintain this important part of Moonee Valley heritage.

Maribyrnong River precinct

This project relates to a new bridge identified in the Maribyrnong River Master Plan. However, our funding applications were unsuccessful so we prepared an interim plan of widening the footpath and narrowing the traffic lanes. This was presented at a meeting with Maribyrnong Council and VicRoads in October 2016, and was supported. VicRoads Investment Strategy are now sponsoring the
project and seeking funding.

Melbourne Airport rail link

As part of the LeadWest group of councils, we believe the construction of a Melbourne Airport rail link would deliver significant economic, environmental and social benefits to the wider Melbourne community. We have called for Commonwealth financial support for the construction of a Melbourne Airport rail link along the Flemington rail alignment, and believe this would provide many benefits
to the airport and the city. It would enhance the airport’s domestic, international and freight operations, reduce traffic congestion, and provide increased public transport services to Melbourne’s western and northern region.

In turn, this would improve access to jobs, training and social connections for some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged communities. Since March 2017, the Mayor has hosted regular airport rail meetings with neighbouring councils including Moreland, Hume, Brimbank, Wyndham, Maribyrnong and Yarra to discuss advocacy and options for the rail link.

We also a member of a western region working group to develop policy papers on the airport rail link.

Windy Hill

We are working to revitalise Windy Hill as open space for the community. Recognising the important presence of Essendon Football Club and other established users, we are advocating to ensure the facility can be available for greater community use. 

More information

The following pages will provide further information about our advocacy work:

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