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Councillors & Wards

Councillor Jan Chantry

Ward: Buckley (Aberfeldie, Essendon, Essendon Fields, Essendon North, Niddrie, Strathmore, Strathmore Heights)

Portfolio: Arts and Culture

Phone: 0411 704 625


June/July update

Council’s draft 2016/17 Budget is due to be formally adopted at the end of May. This budget is fair, open and transparent and was developed with careful consideration before going to the community for feedback in April.

Our public art installation project will conclude mid-way through this year. The series included public art works selected by the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee. It was temporarily installed on Mt Alexander Road and outside Avondale Heights Library and Learning Centre. It was good to see the project provoke much discussion amongst the community. Despite the conclusion of this project, Council will be developing a Public Arts Policy which will allow the community the opportunity to discuss similar future projects. If you are interested in commenting please email me.

In addition, the Billboard Project, which includes pieces by artists installed on buildings across five locations in Niddrie and Flemington, will continue to offer people beautiful contemporary photography to view in our shopping districts. Also, don’t miss Australian theatre show Boy Out of the Country at the Clocktower Centre in June.

The Arts and Culture portfolio

This portfolio covers arts and cultural events, activities, installations, exhibitions and courses in Moonee Valley.

Council has two dedicated arts and culture facilities, the Clocktower Centre and the heritage-listed Walter Burley Griffin designed Incinerator Gallery. Through these facilities, and through our neighbourhood houses, community centres and libraries, Council offers formal and informal arts and culture activities.

Council values arts and culture as a driving force for creativity, inspiration, dialogue and continuous learning as well as its role in improving health and wellbeing. We invest in arts and culture for people of all ages and backgrounds as we know each individual experiences, accesses and consumes arts differently.

Council also hosts a number of cultural events each year including the Moonee Valley Festival, the Mediterranean Fiesta, Carols in Queens Park and the Winter Music in the Valley concert series which takes place in local churches.

Arts and Culture aims for Moonee Valley

Council aims to bring arts and culture to the whole community in a variety of ways. The Arts and Culture Plan 2014-18 outlines Council’s vision for arts and culture in Moonee Valley. The plan sets out to strengthen Moonee Valley’s arts and culture delivery by upgrading our cultural facilities, offering diverse arts experiences and investigating opportunities to make Moonee Valley an arts destination for Melbourne’s West and North West.

The Council Plan outlines our aim to develop and nurture partnerships with artists, educational bodies, community organisations, government and businesses to achieve stronger participation in arts and cultural activities.

We aim to further develop our venues and our city to be able to host more local, national and international events and exhibitions.

About Cr Chantry

Tell us about yourself

I am proud as an elected representative to be serving my fourth term which is over 10 years working for the City of Moonee Valley. I have lived my entire life in Moonee Valley with my children and husband (and now grandchildren) and have a proven record of listening to and fighting for residents' rights. A Councillor's role is an exciting and demanding one but I still have the passion to achieve your vision, working towards council’s strategic direction and the values within which we operate. As Councillors we are elected to advocate on behalf of the community and all ratepayers in an honest and unbiased way, and I will ensure that I work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for the city.

Five words to best describe you?

Honest, passionate, committed, experienced with a proven record of representation

What do you hope to achieve

Local government is the most accessible and responsive level of government and we must scrutinise new State Government planning zones to best manage our city's growth whilst protecting our residential lifestyle in order to provide a sustainable and above all safe community.

We as a Council need to recognise people's aspirations for the future, and manage population growth within designated Activity Centre areas. We are an ageing population and I would like to see more in-home services/respite along with more affordable aged care facilities.

Our suburbs are struggling to maintain their identities and we need to lobby the State Government for improved public transport and in suburbs such as Strathmore we must protect the single dwelling covenant and especially along Mt Alexander Road we need to prevent excessive over development encroaching into residential areas. The whole of Moonee Valley is undergoing enormous transition and we need to plan for this growth and together we can fight to preserve the community we love.

What do you think are Moonee Valley's greatest strengths

The need to maintain our safe, clean, green community with attractive streetscapes and beautiful environment for existing residents and future generations and a space where our children and grandchildren can run around in parks with swings, slides, swimming pools, trees, flowers and nature.

We are a tolerant and accepting community with lively and quiet recreation with walking paths, bicyle paths and several community gardens in which we can mingle with our neighbours to promote and active wellbeing.

Council Plan

Council Plan 2013 17

The Council Plan sets out our strategic direction and priorities over a four year period. More about Council Plan