Green Precinct Project

The Green Precinct Project brought together a variety of local businesses, community organisations and local government in Moonee Ponds to deliver the following environmental improvements:

  • Greenhouse gas savings of 24 per cent 
  • Water savings of 20 per cent
  • 100 per cent increase in recycling
  • 3.8 per cent of land area with improved habitat
  • Increased sustainable transport options available

The Green Precinct Project involved: The Moonee Valley City Council Civic Centre, Neighbourhood Centre, Sam Merrifield Library, Clocktower Centre, Kinder Haven Childcare, Moonee Ponds Magistrates’ Court, Queens Park Swimming Pool (YMCA), St Thomas Anglican Church, Queens Park Cafe, Moonee Ponds Bowling Club and the Essendon Historical Society.

You can view the Green Precinct Project fact sheet (pdf, 6.5MB) for more information.

Green Precinct Project achievements

1. Greenhouse

The Green Precinct reduced its greenhouse emissions by 24 per cent, even taking into account increased patronage of buildings in this time.

The savings have primarily been delivered by investing in efficiencies at the Civic Centre (40 per cent saving in emissions) and Clocktower Centre (25 per cent saving) as these are the largest emitters. Such projects include the installation of a Building Management System and heat reflective paint in the Civic Centre, and renewable energy at the Clocktower.

Efficiency works have also been undertaken in the smaller emitting buildings along with education programs to assist business to reduce greenhouse emissions. Such works include lighting and hot water efficiencies.

Changes in behaviour have been addressed by increasing knowledge about energy usage in workshops and ongoing meetings, and smart metering has also been installed to develop a better understanding of a building’s ‘live’ energy use.

2. Water

Water savings efforts have achieved a 20 per cent reduction across the precinct.

The largest water saving initiative has been achieved through the upgrade of water filters at the Queens Park Pool.  Beyond this, the project has had considerable success in connecting rainwater tanks to toilet usage at Sam Merrifield Library, Kellaway Avenue Neighbourhood Centre, Kinder Haven and Bowls Club.
A combination of infrastructure and behavioural changes have been used to achieve savings.

3. Waste

Waste recovery and recycling rates have improved by 100 per cent with businesses recovering 75 per cent of solid waste on average.

This has been achieved through education and engagement alongside the provision of extra bins and signage. 

4. Transport

Additional sustainable transport options have been provided across the precinct, including the introduction of car share, more bike racks, and Green Travel Plans for businesses to help encourage non-car travel options for employees and patrons.

5. Biodiversity - increase in biodiversity components

Habitat improvements have been achieved over 3.8 per cent of the site, a great achievement in an urban environment. This includes improved planting at Essendon Historical Society, St Thomas Anglican Church, and Queens Park.

Junior Ranger program has been established for the public (children and parents) to learn the significance of local biota and reduce the impacts of human intervention. This is run from Sam Merrifield Library. 

The Green Precinct received $190,000 from the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund and was coordinated by Moonee Valley City Council. The project officially ran from September 2008 to May 2010, however its legacy continues for businesses in Moonee Valley.

Last updated: Thursday, 5 May 2016, 6:08 AM