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Footpaths, roads & drains

Our Drainage Maintenance team cleans 350km of storm water easements and 17,000 stormwater pits on a three year cycle.

Roads and footpaths throughout Moonee Valley are inspected proactively in line with our Road Management Plan. High used footpaths and roads are inspected yearly and all other roads and footpaths are inspected on a three year cycle.

We attend to requests for service which come in from the community and can range from road, footpath, pothole and kerb defects. Vehicle crossing inspections and stormwater connection are also inspected to see that our standard drawings and specifications are met. We inspect 500-600 vehicle crossing and 200-300 stormwater connections per annum.

Current works affecting footpaths, roads or drains

Fulton Hogan have been engaged as contractors to carry out Kerb and Road rehabilitation work. Where: 13-21, Moore St Moonee Ponds. When: for approxmiately 14 days from Monday, 16 - Monday 30... Read more about Current works affecting footpaths, roads or drains

Asset protection permits

Planning - House Frame
The majority of building works require materials to be moved to and from the property. We have found that this has the potential to damage our assets around the building site including... Read more about Asset protection permits

Build over Easement permit

Build over Easement
Building over an easement requires approval from us and/or . Applications for habitable rooms (e.g. bedroom, lounge room) to be constructed over an easement are not permitted. Property owners... Read more about Build over Easement permit

Local Roads program

Cars on the road

A local road works program (Capital Works) is prepared annually and implemented to ensure road assets such as kerb and channel, road pavement and drainage are maintained and upgraded.

Read more about Local Roads program

Drainage application permits

When undertaking new building works, a legal point of discharge for the stormwater run-off will be required. For multi-unit developments the developer may be required to connect to an existing... Read more about Drainage application permits

Works within a Municipal Road Reserve

In addition to obtaining a drainage inspection permit, you must obtain consent from the Coordinating Road Authority (VicRoads or MVCC) before undertaking drainage works within the road... Read more about Works within a Municipal Road Reserve

Out of hours construction work

Business Building Works - Wall
You must have an Out of Hours Permit to conduct construction works outside of the permitted hours outlined in the General Purposes Local Law 2008 or an endorsed Construction Management Plan. With... Read more about Out of hours construction work

Park Access

Experience Moonee Valley - Lake and Park
From time to time, we receive enquiries from residents wanting to access their private property for construction or maintenance work via a Council managed park, garden or utility corridor.... Read more about Park Access

Road management & maintenance

The plan states how we will maintain defects and repairs on roadways, kerb and channel, pathways, constructed right of ways and other assets within a public road where we are the responsible road... Read more about Road management & maintenance

Standard drawings

Residential Building Works - Plans
Please note that all Standard Drawings are under review. For further information, please contact Engineering Services on 9243 8888. Anything constructed in our road reserve must be... Read more about Standard drawings

Temporary road closure or street party

Union Road street party
You must obtain a temporary road closure permit for the closure of any part of the road for special events such as: fun runs street parties community events There will be no... Read more about Temporary road closure or street party

Utilities works

Works on Buckley Street Essendon

A list of major works within Moonee Valley conducted by utility companies.

Read more about Utilities works

Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing provides access to your property from the front property line to the road's edge. A vehicle crossing must be a minimum of three metres in width at the property boundary. To... Read more about Vehicle crossings

Road Occupancy

construction site
You must obtain a  before occupying any surface on the road reserve including footpath, nature strip, channel, kerbing and road pavement. Occupancies also include parking over... Read more about Road Occupancy

Works Zone permit

Residential Building Works - House Frame

A works zone is a parking area on the carriageway, next to a construction site exclusively for use by vehicles engaged in the construction works. You must obtain a works zone permit and provide a neat sketch plan as outlined in the works zone guidelines.

Read more about Works Zone permit