Infrastructure projects

Building our future now

These are some of the infrastructure projects recently completed or currently underway across Moonee Valley.

Projects underway

Project  Details 

Airport West Green Spine


The Airport West Easement Linear Reserve is being upgraded to become a Green Spine; a community focused open space.

Status: In progress.

Expectation time of completion: May 2018

 Boeing Reserve Pavilion


A new pavilion to provide first class baseball facilities, designed for future expansion and to meet the growing needs of the sport.

Status: Works commencing in November 2017.

Expectation time of completion: November 2018

Cross Keys Pavilion


A unique design build project with the pavilion being modular construction. This two story multipurpose facility is being built off site then transported and assembled onsite.

Status: Concept Design complete. Module construction commencing February 2018 with onsite works from July to August 2018.

Expectation time of completion: September 2018

Fairbairn Park Pavilion


Consolidating two aged pavilions, the new Fairbairn Park Middle Pavilion is raised above the flood plain and offers fantastic views of the playing fields and river, designed to house two clubs simultaneously or operate as one large social or community space.

Status: The pavilion is in the final stages of construction.

Expectation time of completion: December 2017

East Keilor Leisure Centre


We're planning to rebuild East Keilor Leisure Centre. The new centre will include a heated outdoor 50m pool, 25m indoor lap pool, dedicated learn to swim pool, hydrotherapy pool, spa, sauna, indoor children’s water play features, gym, group fitness, spin studio, crèche and café.

Status: We are about to engage consultants to complete the detailed design of the new centre.

Expectation time of completion: August 2020

Ormond Park Pavilion


This upgraded pavilion includes upsized change rooms and a new larger social space which will accommodate future demand for the facility.

Status: Works commencing in November 2017.

Expectation time of completion: November 2018

Riverside Park


Upgrades to the playspace and carpark at Riverside Park. These improvements compliment the Pirate Ship playspace built in 2014, and are an initiative from the Maribyrnong River Master Plan.

Status: Partially complete, with the final stages currently underway

Expectation time of completion: December 2017

Travancore Park shared path


The new three metre wide concrete path with a centre line marking will run along the edge of the Moonee Ponds Creek at the top of the embankment, and will separate cyclists from walkers in Travancore Park.

Status: The concrete path has been installed and the new barrier fences and paths links are currently being constructed.

Expectation time of completion: November 2017

Union Road Streetscape


As part of our continuing work to upgrade the Union Road shopping precinct, we are creating an outdoor space for the Ascot Vale Library. The proposed design will create a vibrant and playful outdoor library space that will provide increased seating for this small library.

Status: Public tender stage.

Expectation time of completion: April 2018

Recently completed projects

 Project Background 

Bloomfield Road


This project involved installing a raised platform at the Bloomfield Road and The Crescent intersection and installing a direct shared path under the railway line overpass on the east approach to The Crescent in Ascot Vale.

The Bloomfield Road underpass is an important east-west connection for pedestrians and cyclists commuting to Middle Street and Queens Avenue. The new underpass provides separate bike lanes and a pedestrian path which minimises conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.  The new raised platform intersection treatment slows vehicles approaching the intersection, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the street.

Finally, the lighting at the underpass was upgraded which has enhanced visibility and made it safer to use the underpass.

This project was completed in August 2017.


Pridham Plaza



The improved plaza includes bespoke seating areas, planting, feature paving, lighting, outdoor Wi-Fi, bike repair station, three phase power for outdoor performances and artwork by local artist Majed Fayad. Watch the fly-through video highlighting these features.

The refurbished plaza officially opened on Friday, 10 November.

Washington Street treatments from St Therese’s Construction of two road humps and threshold treatment at Buckley Street.  
McNamara Avenue Wombat Crossing Improves safety and encourages walking by connecting the shared path across McNamara Avenue.

Recently completed road works

Road name  Location  Suburb 
 Ayr Street Kent Street to South Street  Ascot Vale 
 Filson Street Railway Place East to dead end  Ascot Vale 
 East Street Middle Street to South Street  Ascot Vale
 Sterling Drive Milleara Road to Jeffrey Street  Keilor East 
 Sterling Drive Jeffrey Street to Parkside Avenue Keilor East 
 Park Street Leslie Road to Mantell Street Moonee Ponds 
 Aberfeldie Street Park Street to Alma Street Moonee Ponds 
 Park Street Aberfeldie Street to Waverley Street Moonee Ponds
 Rose Avenue Rosehill Road to Gallica Close  Niddrie 
 Pearce Court Kelvin Close to dead end  Niddrie 
 Brian Court Kelvin Close to dead end  Niddrie 
 Kelvin Close Albert Street to end  Niddrie 
 Lily Street Dead end to Buckley Street   Essendon West 
 View Street Lily Street to Bourke Street  Essendon West
 Prospect Street Buckley Street to View Street  Essendon West
 Bourke Street Buckley Street to Prospect Street  Essendon West


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