Leisure and Active Communities

Our purpose

The Leisure and Active Communities portfolio promotes active lifestyles across all ages and cultures in the municipality.

It leads on working with stakeholders to develop multipurpose, flexible facilities which provide for equitable access for all users. This portfolio oversees a broad range of services and activities including community facilities, leisure facilities, libraries, arts and cultural facilities, parks and gardens, walking trails and bicycle paths among others.

This portfolio will strengthen collaboration between other internal stakeholders and capitalise on our community impact.

Our membership

Councillor representatives:

  • Chair - Cr Samantha Byrne
  • Deputy - Cr Jim Cusack

Community members:

  • Anita Sri-Ananda
  • Ann Hamer
  • Rose Iser
  • Kirsty Milligan
  • Kate Mortensen
  • Nicole Taylor
  • Liz Tripodi
  • Jan Williamson


Meeting dates Agenda Minutes
 Wednesday 20 September 2017  Agenda- 20 September (pdf) Minutes- 20 September (pdf)
 Wednesday 21 February 2018    


More information

If you would like more information please contact us at pac@mvcc.vic.gov.au or 9243 1049.


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