Council Plan

The Council Plan is a medium-term plan that sets out our strategic direction and focus for what we aim to achieve during the four-year Council term.

Council Plan 2017-21 (integrating the Health Plan)

The Council Plan 2017-21 was formally endorsed and adopted by Council at its meeting on 27 June 2017.

The plan is shaped by the community vision, Moonee Valley Next Generation (MV2035) and describes how we will work to achieve this vision: a city of clean, green and beautiful, vibrant, diverse and sustainable communities that people experience as friendly and safe to live in.

For the first time, our Public Health and Wellbeing Plan has been integrated with the Council Plan into a single document. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for all people who live, work, learn and play in Moonee Valley by ensuring health and wellbeing matters are prioritised across all areas of Council.

What are the themes?

The Council Plan consists of five themes, each comprising a set of objectives, strategies for achieving these and indicators against which Council’s performance will be monitored. The themes followed our community vision:

  • Friendly and safe – an equitable, inclusive and healthy community
  • Green, clean and beautiful – a healthy environment with high quality places and spaces
  • Sustainable living – connected, well designed and thriving neighbourhoods
  • Vibrant and diverse – celebrating diversity, promoting participation and creating a strong economy
  • Resilient organisation – sustainable, innovative, engaging and accountable  

What are our priorities?

Our key priorities support the delivery of the strategic objectives in our Council Plan 2017-21.

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How we resource this plan

The financial and non-financial resources required to achieve our objectives for the next four years are set out in the Strategic Resource Plan (pdf, 157KB)

How we report on our progress

We monitor and report on our progress on implementing the Council Plan through our Annual Report and quarterly reports.

Quarterly reports

The following chart shows how we are progressing with actions to implement the Council Plan in 2017/18, as at 31 March 2018.

80 per cent, 15 per cent completed, 4 per cent off track, 1% not started 

More information

To find out more, contact the Corporate Planning team on 9243 8888 or email

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