MV2040: our long-term plan

Can you imagine what Moonee Valley will look like in 2040?

We’re developing our long-term plan, MV2040, to guide how we will make Moonee Valley a great place to live for current and future generations. This plan focuses on a network of 20 minute neighbourhoods to help ensure the Moonee Valley of 2040 is healthy, liveable and resilient.

The world is changing rapidly and, to enable us to keep pace, our plan for the future must be bold, inspirational and transformational.

Throughout much of 2017, we have been engaging our community to come up with ideas and feedback to help us build this strategy. In early 2018, we will consult on a draft. Please check back to this page regularly to keep involved.

In the meantime, take a look at our MV2040 Visioning Paper - designed version (pdf, 14MB), accessible version (doc, 450KB).

What is MV2040 all about?

MV2040 will be a long-term plan that looks to improve the liveability of our city and will be guided by five themes:

  • A fair city that values diversity, where everyone feels safe, is included, is healthy and has access to services and housing
  • A city that is thriving with access to jobs, lifelong learning, vibrant and dynamic activity centres
  • A connected city of accessible, active and sustainable transport choices
  • A green city that is ecologically healthy and environmentally responsible
  • A beautiful city that celebrates its identity, heritage and open spaces

A key focus of the long-term plan will be planning our 13 neighbourhoods, highlighting the unique needs of each individual neighbourhood. Over time, our neighbourhoods will evolve to support people to live even healthier and more connected lives in Moonee Valley now and into the future. 

MV2040 reference documents






Park master plans

Upcoming phase - Consulting on the MV2040 Draft Strategy

All of the feedback received on the MV2040 Visioning Paper in late 2017 will help to develop a draft strategy, which we will release for community feedback in early 2018. Watch this space!

Phase 2: Consulting on our MV2040 Visioning Paper

We took all your ideas from phase 1 and developed an MV2040 Visioning Paper which outlined our key themes and big ideas for each neighbourhood.

View the MV2040 Visioning Paper:

We consulted on this paper from 6 October until 22 December 2017 through a number of activities including an all-day community symposium, a postcard questionnaire and through our MV2040 online engagement platform. 

See what community members had to say at our symposium:

Phase 1: Ideas gathering

The first phase of community engagement on MV2040 took place throughout February to April 2017. We spoke to the community at 29 neighbourhood sessions, and received feedback through our MV2040 online engagement platform.   

See what our community told us at the 2017 Moonee Valley Festival:

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