MV2040: our long-term plan

Can you imagine what Moonee Valley will look like in 2040?

We’re developing our long-term plan, MV2040, to guide how we will make Moonee Valley a great place to live for current and future generations. This plan focuses on a network of 20 minute neighbourhoods to help ensure the Moonee Valley of 2040 is healthy, vibrant and resilient.

The world is changing rapidly and, to enable us to keep pace, our plan for the future must be bold, inspirational and transformational.

We are currently consulting on the draft MV2040 Strategy and accompanying five action plans. 

Consulting on our draft MV2040 Strategy

We’ve developed our draft MV2040 Strategy (pdf 42.1MB), accessible version (pdf, 800KB) and we’d like you to tell us if we’ve got it right by Friday, 18 May.

The draft strategy highlights how we plan to respond to trends and challenges that will impact on the future of our city.

The themes highlight our objectives and actions for all of Moonee Valley. The neighbourhoods detail our vision and implementation initiatives for each 20-minute neighbourhood.

Tell us if we’ve got it right!


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Consulting on our MV2040 Action Plans

The MV2040 Strategy will become our ‘umbrella’ strategy which will guide future work through action plans and not additional strategies.

Action plans will lay out how we will deliver on the directions we have set for our city through MV2040.

We have the first five draft Action Plans ready for feedback.

Draft MV2040 Action Plan – Waste and Resource Recovery Plan

Australian households produce over 13 million tonnes of waste per year and our local community leads typical Australian, high-consumption lifestyles. We need to rethink our use of resources and consider the whole life cycle of materials. By first avoiding waste and increasing reuse, recycling and other forms of resource recovery, we can dramatically cut waste disposed to landfill.

We want to become a city that rethinks waste and we’ve set an aspirational target to increase resource recovery and divert 90 per cent of household waste away from landfill by 2040. We’re also aiming to eliminate food waste disposed to landfill, well before 2040.

This draft plan sets out sustainable waste management and resource recovery actions over the next four years.

Have we got it right?

View the Draft Waste and Resource Recovery Plan (PDF 1.41MB, accessible version 110KB) and send your feedback to or call 9243 8888 by Thursday, 7 June.

Draft MV2040 Action Plan – Zero Carbon City

Across the globe there is a pressing need to reduce carbon emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We all have a part to play in achieving deep cuts to emissions requires a shared effort across residents, businesses, Council and other levels of government.

We’ve set the following targets to cut carbon emissions and address the impacts of climate change:

  • achieve zero net carbon emissions from the community by 2040
  • achieve zero net carbon emissions from Council’s operations by 2020, and continue to reduce corporate emissions by more than 95 per cent by 2040 
  • power Council’s operations with 100 per cent renewable energy

This draft plan sets out actions to achieve further emission reductions over the next four years in Council’s operations and the community.

Have we got it right?

View the Draft Zero Carbon City plan (PDF 954KB, accessible version 571KB) and send your feedback to or call 9243 8888 by Thursday, 7 June.

Draft MV2040 Action Plan – Water Sensitive City

To create a healthier, more liveable city we seek to use water sensitively and take an integrated approach to water management to support healthy natural environments, waterways and green spaces.

Our city faces a range of challenges - increased development and population, a changing climate, urban heat and flood risks and pressure on potable (or drinking quality) water supplies. To address these challenges we look for opportunities that deliver multiple benefits such as creating cool, green spaces that mitigate flood and improve urban amenity.

This draft plan sets targets and priority actions over the next four years to reduce the use of potable water, improve the quality of stormwater entering waterways and mitigate flooding impacts.

Have we got it right?

View the Draft Water Sensitive City plan (PDF 1.3MB, accessible version 83KB)and send your feedback to or call 9243 8888 by Thursday, 7 June.

Draft MV2040 Action Plan – Urban Forest Plan and Tree Management Plan

Trees contribute greatly to our city’s character and play critical roles in cooling our city, filtering air and stormwater and enhancing ecology.

As our city faces the combined pressures of a growing population, a hotter, drier urban environment and more extreme weather, we need to significantly increase tree cover. Enhancing our urban forest provides much needed shade and cooling for occupants of buildings, encourages recreation, walking, cycling and attracts people to local shopping strips.

The draft Urban Forest Plan sets out actions over the next four years to increase tree canopy cover to 30 per cent by 2040 and to improve the diversity, tree health and resilience of our urban forest.

The draft Tree Management Plan concentrates on the operational components of the Urban Forest Plan.

Have we got it right?

View the Draft Urban Forest Plan (PDF 2.02MB, accessible version 104KB), and the Draft Tree Management Plan (doc, 8MB) and send your feedback to or call 9243 8888 by Thursday, 7 June.

Draft MV2040 Action Plan – Community Facilities

Community facilities are vital assets for service delivery, social interaction and enlivening neighbourhoods.

Wider community facility planning trends focus on clustering of community infrastructure in activity hubs which cover services and functions for sport, recreation and leisure, social interaction, childhood development, and artistic and cultural expression. These hubs can be large and contain facilities (Council and non-Council) which serve a municipal/sub-municipal or neighbourhood catchment. Community hubs support increased accessibility, service coordination and facility utilisation, and reinforce 20-minute neighbourhoods.

Our target is for all residents to report being satisfied or very satisfied with the number and the conditions of the community facilities and services in their neighbourhood.

The draft plan outlines our policy position and key projects for the planning, provision and management of community facilities to 2040.

Have we got it right?

View the Draft Community Facilities plan (PDF 3.78MB, accessible version 5.46MB) and send your feedback to or call 9243 8888 by Friday, 18 May.

What is MV2040 all about?

MV2040 will be a long-term plan that looks to improve the liveability of our city and will be guided by five themes:

  • fair city that values diversity, where everyone feels safe, is included, is healthy and has access to services and housing
  • A city that is thriving with access to jobs, lifelong learning, vibrant and dynamic activity centres
  • connected city of accessible, active and sustainable transport choices
  • green city that is ecologically healthy and environmentally responsible
  • beautiful city that celebrates its identity, heritage and open spaces

A key focus of the long-term plan will be planning our 13 neighbourhoods, highlighting the unique needs of each individual neighbourhood. Over time, our neighbourhoods will evolve to support people to live even healthier and more connected lives in Moonee Valley now and into the future. 

Phase 2: Consulting on our MV2040 Visioning Paper

We took all your ideas from phase 1 and developed an MV2040 Visioning Paper which outlined our key themes and big ideas for each neighbourhood.

View the MV2040 Visioning Paper:

Our official consultation period ran from 6 October to 22 December, 2017 and comprised of a range of engagement activities across Moonee Valley. This included the community symposium, an interactive online portal, social media posts, neighbourhood brochure mail-outs, feedback postcards as well as sessions with Council’s 10 Portfolio Advisory Committees.

In total there were:

  • Over 1,015 participants
  • Over 240 conversations
  • 2,179 ideas contributed
  • 53 written submissions 

See what community members had to say at our symposium:


View our Visioning Paper Community Engagement Summary Report (pdf, 1MB).

MV2040 reference documents






Park master plans

Phase 1: Ideas gathering

The first phase of community engagement on MV2040 took place throughout February to April 2017. We spoke to the community at 29 neighbourhood sessions, and received feedback through our MV2040 online engagement platform.   

See what our community told us at the 2017 Moonee Valley Festival:

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