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Annual Budget


Preparing for the 2015/16 draft budget – submit your ideas

Would you like to help shape our next budget? Is there something new you’d like to see happening in Moonee Valley?

From 14 January to 22 February, you can submit suggestions for the 2015/16 budget in the following ways:

  • email to
  • post a comment on our Facebook page, Like an idea posted by others, or take part in our poll using the Townhall Social app
  • make a Tweet using #mvccbudget
  • Write to Manager Finance, PO Box 126, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039
  • contact the Mayor or your Ward Councillor
  • visit our budget tent at the 2015 Moonee Valley Festival on Sunday 22 February for a chance to win a $50 Myki card

This is just the first stage of community consultation for the budget. Once the draft budget has been developed in April, it will be made available for community feedback with the final version due to be adopted in June.

Upcoming budget challenges

In the coming financial year we will continue to be faced with a range of challenges that we will need to account for like:

  • reduced in funding from other levels of government and reduced financial assistance grants
  • increased demands on Council infrastructure requiring greater maintenance and renewal
  • increased demands for council services while the costs of providing our services are increasing at rates higher than the Consumer Price Index
  • cost shifting from other levels of government.

For more information, please contact our Finance team on 9243 8888.

Developing our budget

Every year we prepare a budget that is guided by the priorities set out in our Council Plan - a legal requirement for all councils. 

Councillors attend workshops with staff to work out how much money is required to meet community needs and deliver vital services.

The Strategic Resource Plan 2014/15 – 2017/18 (pdf, 97.6KB) sets a financial framework which shapes the annual budget. The plan, which was adopted during the development of the Council Plan in 2013 has been updated to incorporate years 2014/15 – 2017/18.

2014/2015 Budget

On 24 June, we adopted our 2014/15 Annual Budget (pdf, 2.17MB) which allocates:

  • $29.9 million to maintain local assets and infrastructure
  • $128 million to deliver community services

You can also view our 2013/14 Annual Budget (pdf, 1.5MB)

Rate information

To continue to provide all of these services and meet the growing needs of our community a 6 per cent rate rise is required in 2014/15.

In 2014/15 we will continue to offer the $20 pensioner rebate on rates (which is in addition to the State Government rebate).

The rates notice will continue to include the State Government’s Fire Services Property Levy. We collect this money and pass it onto the State Government.

Garbage Charge

All residents used to pay an Environment Charge, which was shown separately on people’s rates notice. The Environment Charge covered a range of waste management and environmental services including the weekly household garbage collection, regular recycling collection, street cleaning, removal of waste from street and park litter bins etc.

Council has decided for 2014/15 and into the future to change the Environment Charge to a Garbage Charge and move to a user pays model.

With the increase of housing diversity in Moonee Valley, like apartments, units and townhouses, there are more local buildings that provide their own private garbage collection services.

By having a separate Garbage Charge we will only charge those residents who utilise Council’s waste collection services. Those people who don’t use this service will not receive this charge on their rates notice. 

How we calculate your rates

  • The total amount Council needs to collect in rates is divided by the value of all properties in the local area. This is how we calculate the rate in the dollar.

  • The rate in the dollar is then multiplied by each property value. This is how we calculate each property’s rate change.

  • The State Government Fire Services Levy is then added onto the rates notice as well as the new Garbage Charge.

Anyone having difficulty paying their rates can contact Council for advice and assistance.

General revaluations

Every two years Council has a statutory requirement to conduct a review of property values based on market movements and recent sales trends. Properties in Moonee Valley will be re-valued this year and assessed as at 1 January 2014.

When conducting valuations Council must follow a statutory process set out in the Local Government Act and the Valuation of Land Act (1960). Council valuers undertake a physical inspection of properties across the municipality. Properties are conservatively assessed in recognition of changes in market forces. Council also regularly reassesses property values when individual households have undergone improvements, upgrades or renovations. These are called supplementary valuations.

More information

For more information about our annual budget, call us on 9243 8888.

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