Community Vision

A community vision is a look into the future. As we gathered the long-term aspirations of the community, an image has emerged:

In 2035 Moonee Valley will be a city of clean, green and beautiful, vibrant, diverse and sustainable communities that people experience as friendly and safe to live in.

This shared vision represents the values and priorities of local residents, students, workers and businesses.

What is it for?

The shared community vision will provide directions we can all work towards for a healthy, sustainable, successful community.

It will be the basis on which we develop a long-term community plan. The community plan will set out directions and steps to help make sure we build the community we aspire to. Some of these steps will involve Council action, some will involve partnerships and some will be taken up by community agencies and businesses in Moonee Valley.

Moonee Valley Next Generation 2035

Thank you to all the residents, students, workers and business owners who helped define what kind of city we want Moonee Valley to be in the future.

Over our community engagement process, we gathered more than 1,100 individual views, which together helped create the Community Vision.

On 4 September 2012, the Moonee Valley Next Generation 2035 Community Vision (pdf, 2.6MB) accessible version (docx, 80.8KB) was endorsed. It outlines the various aspects of the vision and discuss its implications, particularly in terms of how Council might best respond.

For a more detailed report on the consultation process, you can read how the Community Vision was developed (doc, 1.3MB).

You can also view the Community Vision video and the Ambassadors video that show some of the views of our community.

Last updated: Tuesday, 13 February 2018, 12:03 AM