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How to apply for a building permit

Applying for a building permit is a relatively smooth process provided all the required information is supplied.

Complete an application for a building permit (pdf, 125KB) and include:

  • three copies of architectural drawings drawn to scale showing the site plan, the floor plan, elevations, sections, shadow diagrams, overlooking distances and other details as required by the building surveyor
  • three copies of structural drawings and computations prepared by a registered engineer
  • three copies of a soil report for new buildings including some additions - seek building surveyor’s advice
  • three copies of building specifications, which can sometimes be included on the drawings depending on the project size
  • three copies of a site plan showing the location and setbacks from each title boundary including setbacks from existing structures and adjoining buildings, and the location of habitable room windows
  • one copy of the current Certificate of Title showing the allotment dimensions and details of any restrictions such as existing covenants, easements or agreements under section 173 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987
  • details of the legal point of discharge and our stormwater assets
  • builder’s insurance details where the cost of domestic building work exceeds $12,000
  • owner builder’s certificate issued by the Building Practitioners Board for domestic building work;
  • approval from other authorities as required by the building surveyor, such as planning permit from us, consent from City West Water and Council for property information or consent to build over an easement and approval from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade for active fire suppression systems.

For more information, please contact a Building Officer on 9243 8888.

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