Union Road Streetscape Plan

The Union Road Streetscape Plan (pdf, 4.8MB) has been created to inform future landscape capital works projects and street-based projects within the shopping precinct.

The plan provides a cohesive approach to streetscape improvements and aims to create a safe, attractive and logical pedestrian experience highlighted with design elements which capture the shopping strip's unique character.

The overall streetscape design is broken down into a series of smaller capital works projects which can be implemented in order of priority over time.

The design in the plan captures and enhances the village character of this popular local shopping strip while creating a more pedestrian friendly environment. The plan does not incorporate parking and traffic matters.

Activities from the plan

A new Ascot Vale outdoor library area

As part of our continuing work to upgrade the Union Road shopping precinct, we will soon be making further improvements with an outdoor space for the Ascot Vale Library.

Ideas were workshopped with the community at the Ascot Vale Library 40th Anniversary event in November 2016 and these have formed the foundation concept for this space.

What will it look like?

The proposed design will create a vibrant and playful outdoor library space that will provide increased seating for this small library.

The design includes a variety of seating options for gathering, reading and studying, as well as:

  • improved paving with wider footpaths around the library
  • new raised crossing for improved pedestrian movements
  • timber decking
  • seating areas and table settings
  • bicycle facilities (hoops , pump and repair station)
  • new street trees (one existing mature tree in front of the library to be retained)
  • garden bed planting
  • free outdoor wifi



How will it be done?

To achieve these objectives, the design proposes to widen the pedestrian footpath around the library building. Opening up this space will improve pedestrian movement around the library.

As a result, there will be minor changes to car parking, with the removal of three spaces around the library. However, 20 new carpark spaces will be created on St Leonard’s Road through the removal of existing traffic outstands. The works will also include two new and improved disabled parking bays.

For any enquiries relating to parking, please contact the transport team on 9243 8888.

The Parade Intersection

We will also be making improvements to The Parade intersection (on the east side), which was selected as the next highest priority for the Union Road Streetscape upgrades.

The design includes:

  • replacement of brick paving with asphalt
  • new raised crossing for improved pedestrian movements
  • new custom seat with patterned brick base
  • colourful low garden beds
  • new street trees with underground root control barriers
  • a contemporary Victorian heritage style is reflected in the new seating, plant selection and the sawn bluestone edging

When will work take place?

The construction work is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

The remaining intersection upgrades will be implemented through further capital works projects over the coming years.

More new small public spaces

Construction works are currently underway to upgrade the first two intersections along the Union Road shopping strip (Roseberry Street and St Leonards Road, east) into small public seating spaces.

The renewed intersections will create inviting seating pockets for the community to meet, rest or gather. This will include:

  • updated paving surfaces
  • raised pedestrian crossings
  • new garden beds
  • unique custom seating

The seating design and materials have been designed to reflect the Victorian style architecture commonly found in the Ascot Vale area in a contemporary way.

See what intersection will look like (pdf, 2MB).

The works will also include replacement of the existing trees with a more suitably sized species for these locations.

The remaining intersection spaces along Union Road will be incrementally upgraded based on highest need of repair and tree damage. Concept design is now currently underway for the next two intersections - St Leonards Rd (west) and The Parade (east). The design work for two more intersections will also commence this year including The Parade (eastern side) and St Leonards Road (western side) outside the Ascot Vale Library.

Aged Friendly Streetscape Toolkit

We have prepared the Age Friendly Toolkit for Streetscapes (pdf, 2MB) with AJA Architects which uses Union Road for inspiration and insights. This innovative project involved extensive consultation and work-shopping of ideas with the local community and will be used to inform new design work for streetscapes within Moonee Valley and beyond.

New street furniture

The street furniture in Union Road has replaced with the new Moonee Valley City Council streetscapes seat. These seats have an elegant and contemporary design to compliment the Union Road streetscape. Seats within the intersection corner spaces will be changed when they are upgraded.

More information

To find out more regarding the Union Road Streetscape Plan project you can:

  • call our Urban Design team on 9243 8888
  • mail Urban Design, Moonee Valley City Council, PO Box 126, Moonee Ponds 3039

Last updated: Thursday, 13 July 2017, 4:16 AM