Community temporary food events

Anyone who sells food has a responsibility to make sure that the food is safe to eat and will not cause food poisoning.

All community groups/charities intending to operate and sell food at temporary food events must have single state-wide registration/notification. This single approval will cover your events throughout Victoria.

If you do not currently have state-wide registration/notification you must apply online with Streatrader.

Once your principal council has approved your application you will then be able to update and enter details of your events  through Streatrader (eg. Statement of Trade). These SOT's on Streatrader will automatically notify the relevant council of your events.

  • For more information contact us on 9243 8810 

Food Safety Program/Minimum Records

You must maintain the following Food Safety Program or mimimum records at your event/s.

  • Class 2 applicants are required to maintain a Food Safety Program at each event.
  • Class 3 applicants must maintain minimum records at each event.
  • Class 4 applicants are not required to keep records however you must ensure any food sold is safe and suitable to consume.

More information

These sites have been designed to assist community group with their Food Safety obligations and free online Food Safety training:

Further information for single statewide registration can be found at the .

Safe food handling and preparation practices to make sure your premises comply with the Food Act 1984.

If you are setting up a temporary food premise in public (eg. footpath or park), call our Local Laws Unit on 8325 1734.

Last updated: Thursday, 26 March 2015, 5:26 AM