Additional animals

You can keep a limited number of animals on your property. The limits are set to help protect the health of pets and minimise any inconvenience to your neighbours.

Type of animal Maximum allowed in a house Maximum allowed in a flat/unit
Dogs (over 3 months old) 2 2
Dogs (under 3 months old) 4 4
Cats (over 3 months old)  2 2
Cats (under 3 months old) 4 4
Budgerigars, canaries and finches 50 5
Pigeons 10 Not permitted
Other birds 2 Not permitted
Poultry** 10 Not permitted
Reptiles 10 5
Ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits or mice 8 2
Cold water and tropical fish Unlimited Unlimited
Bees 2 boxes  Not permitted 

**Roosters are not permitted under any circumstances.

If you want to apply for a permit to keep more animals than specified in the above table, you will need to submit an extra animals permit (pdf, 99kb) at a cost of $32.50* for the 2017-2018 registration year.

Half price fees ( $16.25) apply from 10 October 2017.


Last updated: Monday, 19 February 2018, 1:01 AM