Saving energy and installing solar

Solar bulk buy 


Now is the perfect time to save money with solar.

Rising feed-in tariffs mean that homes are now getting a minimum of 11.3 cents back per kilowatt hour.

For the third year running, we’ve teamed up with independent energy experts, Positive Charge to help you take the guess work out of solar and make the most of your investment.

You can have peace of mind that you are investing in a trusted, Council-backed program, and saving money through the power of bulk buying.

Join almost 200 other Moonee Valley residents, just like David and Vivien, who are saving money with this deal (pdf, 805KB).

What you get with our bulk buy deal:

  • Impartial, detailed advice from the experts at Positive Charge
  • A great deal on solar panels thanks to the power of bulk buying
  • A tried and tested solar provider who won’t try to sell you a system if it doesn’t stack up for your household
  • A 25 year warranty on the output of the panels
  • A 10 year warranty on the inverter and installation
  • Solar seminars, tours and workshops

Like to know more?

You can contact Positive Charge directly on 1300 23 68 55 or or visit their website for more information.

Make sure to let them know you are interested in the Moonee Valley solar bulk buy deal.  

Are you a high user of electricity?

At our Civic Centre in Moonee Ponds, we are proud to have cut greenhouse emissions by 46%, and now we want to help you do the same at home.

It's very useful to have a look at your electricity and gas bills as a first step (and don’t forget to keep these bills, so that you can later see the progress you are making).

On your electricity bill, see how many kWh per day you are using. Compare this with the table below to find out if your household is a high user of electricity.

Number of people living in your house Daily electricity use range (Low range > High range)
1 person 4kWh > 9kWh
2 people 7kWh > 17kWh
3 people 10kWh > 23kWh
4 people 13kWh > 29kWh
5 people 15kWh > 33kWh
6 people 17kWh > 36kWh

Are you a high user of electricity? Check out our household electricity consumption fact sheet (pdf, 286KB) to find out simple ways to save electricity at home and then sign up with one of our great programs.

Home environment kit

Find out how your home is performing with our Home Environment Kit. This kit contains equipment and instructions to help you find ways of saving energy and water around your home.

Home Environment Kit

The Home Environment Kit contains the following equipment:

  1. Energy smart thermometer - to measure hot water temperature, room temperature and fridge and freezer temperatures. You may have things hotter or colder than they need to be.
  2. Infra-red thermometer - to measure surface temperatures such as walls and windows. You may be losing or gaining heat which can be fixed with insulation or shade.
  3. Energy monitor - to measure energy consumption of your appliances to see which ones need to be used sparingly, and where standby power is being drawn needlessly.
  4. Light meter - to help apply the ideal light conditions in your home and using energy wisely.
  5. Water flow measure cup - to assess how much water your shower and taps use and to see whether you should reduce the flow rates.

To see how to use this kit, view this instruction video guide. Use our easy to read factsheet to find out how well your home performs when it comes to electricity usage.

To book the kit, residents can call their local library or place a request via the library catalogue.

Victorian Energy Saver website

Reduce your energy bills and improve your homes efficiency with the Victorian Government's Energy Saver website.

Moonee Valley Solar Residents

Avondale Heights residents, David and Vivien received a letter from Council in 2016, letting them know about the solar campaign with Positive Charge. They called Positive Charge and soon heard from the selected supplier, who gave them a detailed quote.

“You don’t know which solar suppliers are reputable,” Vivien told us. “You see ads on the telly for cheap systems but we felt going through the council offer was a safeguard. Otherwise we would have to spend time scouring the internet to see who might be reputable,” David added. The whole process was pretty quick and the system was up and running within a few weeks of the initial call.

David and Vivien already understood solar and how to maximise savings, so once the system was up they tried to shift a lot of their energy usage to during the day. This would mean using as much free power as possible. Vivien is passionate about the environment, which was her main driver for installing solar, while David was happy to note that the couple could make significant savings on their bills. “At this time of year we are basically only paying the service costs. Our bills are about $12 per month and in winter they might be up to $30 or $40 per month because the solar generates less,” David says.

“We mostly try to use our solar power, so we only get a small feed in tariff but our bills are very low,” says Vivien. David is also diligent about shopping around for the best electricity retailer deal every couple of years. This way they can keep their costs down further.

For advice on how you can save and whether or not solar might work for you call Positive Charge on 9385 8555.

Last updated: Wednesday, 4 April 2018, 1:15 AM