Types of child care available

We provide a range of child care options for the Moonee Valley community. 

There are three different types of child care services available:

You may register your child in a Council or other non-council service. A Central Registration Service is available for Council managed child care services.

The Child Care Benefit (fee subsidy) is available to most families to reduce program costs.

Support services are also available for children with additional needs.

Council long day care

We offer full or part time long day care for children from birth to six years, generally operating Monday to Friday from 7am-6pm.

All Council long day care centres achieved an ‘Exceeding National Quality Standards’ rating in delivery of quality educational programs.

Kindergarten in child care

All our long day care services offer kindergarten and child care together in the one centre, often with Maternal and Child Health and family support services.

Early childhood qualified teachers deliver kindergarten Monday to Friday.

Occasional child care

Occasional child care for children from birth to six years is provided on a casual basis for up to 5 hours per day and 15 hours per week.  

Family day care

Family day care is delivered in homes by qualified educators for children in small groups from birth to secondary. Visit the family day care page for more information.

Registering for Long Day Care

The Central Registration Service (CRS) allows families to submit one registration form for all Council managed long day care centres, rather than applying to each individual service.

The CRS prioritises applications and preferences for all participating long day care centres and allocates places according to an approved set of Priority of Access criteria.

Special circumstances will be considered and one or more criteria may apply to each application. Supporting documents are required to verify eligibility for priority of access. You can read the Priority of Access criteria on the Department of Education website

To register for Council’s child care services, please complete the Long Day Care Waiting List Form. Either type in your details and save the form, or print the form and complete by hand.

Once your form is completed and supporting documents ready, you can return your form by:

  • Email:
  • Post:
    Long Day Care Registration
    PO Box 126
    Moonee Ponds VIC 3039
  • In person :
    Moonee Valley Civic Centre
    9 Kellaway Avenue
    Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Learn more about Council managed child care centres including operating hours, registration process and fees.

Contact non-council managed child care services directly for fees, timetables and registration requirements.

Frequently asked questions

When can I put my child’s name on the Central Registration wait list?

You may register at any time after your child is born.

What will I need to include with my application form?

Proof of your child’s name and date of birth e.g. copy of birth certificate, passport, or immunisation statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register.

Details of the first parent/guardian listed will be used for mail, email and phone contact. This must be the main residence of the child.

How will I know that my application has been received?
Fully completed forms are entered into the CRS. An acknowledgement is sent by email or post confirming registration details and preferences within three weeks of application. Families are asked to check the details in the email or letter and keep it as proof of registration.

If you have not received the information after three weeks, or if it is incorrect or you wish to make changes you should contact the Central Registration Service on 9243 8888 or email

Who will receive priority on the Central Registration Service?

Families and children experiencing vulnerability are afforded highest priority recognising the many benefits of attending early year’s programs.

In accordance with the Commonwealth Priority of Access guidelines, places will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Priority 1 – Child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
  • Priority 2 – Child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy the work/training/study test under section 14 of the Family Assistance Act.
  • Priority 3 – Any other child.

In each of these categories Moonee Valley residents receive priority.

Families who register with the City of Moonee Valley Long Day Care waiting list are listed in order according of the date that the complete registration is received. Date of registration is considered where families have the same Priority of Access.

In addition: Twins, triplets, quadruplets are linked together through the application processes.

After lodging your application form it is assessed and wait listed based on Priority of Access guidelines and supporting documents provided. As vacancies arise offers are made to the next family on the wait list. Please note that completion of the application form does not guarantee placement.

Am I allowed to place my child on a wait list for other services that are not on the Moonee Valley Central Registration Waiting List?

Yes. There is high demand for long day care services and families are encouraged to place their child on other wait lists, including Family Day Care and Occasional Care Services that are offered by a range of providers in Moonee Valley.

Families are encouraged to only tick services that they are willing to accept an offer to, as repeated offer refusal will result in the child being removed from the waiting list.

Please contact services directly to organise a time to visit. For all other community and privately managed child care providers within Moonee Valley please visit the MyChild website or contacting the Child Care Team on 9243 8888 or email questions to

When are offers for child care made?

The majority of offers for child care are made from October to November. The number of vacancies determines how places can be offered for the following year. Within a service, vacancies are first offered to existing families at the centre requiring additional days. Siblings of existing children at the service are also prioritised.

Who and how will I be contacted for an offer?

You will be contacted by phone or email by the service where the vacancy has become available. The service will follow-up with you regarding the enrolment process and will discuss your options in regards to accepting the place, orientation and start date.

If I decline an offer of a long day care place will I be offered another one soon?

Not necessarily. If you choose to decline an offer but still want to remain on the CRS Waiting List, you will be asked to update your preferences and the date from which you will accept an offer of place. You can decline on one occasion without this affecting your registration date. The second decline of an offer will result in a new registration date being issued. Your position on the CRS Waiting List may change when you decline offers due to other families registering with a higher Priority of Access.

Is there any support for families for the cost of Child Care?

Yes, access to fee support and other assistance is discussed at enrolment and orientation at services.

There are a range of Commonwealth initiatives to assist families with the cost of Long Day Care and Family Day Care. To view the benefits please visit the Australian Government Department of Human Services site at

On commencing care families are required to register with the Family Assistance Office so that fee support can be accessed. For further information please visit the Centrelink website.

What happens if I don’t hear from the CRS?

Please contact the CRS to ensure that your details are correct and you are receiving correspondence. Families who will be out of contact for a period of time should provide alternate contacts by notifying Council preferably in writing with:

  • How long they’ll be away and a return date
  • The name, address and contact details of the person given permission to act on the family’s behalf while away
  • Email addresses where information may be sent directly during their time of absence.

My child has additional needs. Should I include this in my registration or wait until I am offered a place?

Yes. Including information about your child and family will help the CRS to prioritise your child and family needs. This information may assist forward planning for your child’s needs within the early years’ service.

We have a family support worker helping our family out. Should I include this in my registration or wait until I am offered a place?

You may wish to include this information to help the CRS understand the needs of your child and to correctly process your registration.

We encourage you to contact the CRS to discuss your registration. You may wish to contact the CRS with the support of a professional such as a family support worker.

Immunisation status

All children enrolling in child care and kindergarten must be up to date with their vaccinations. All families need to provide an immunisation status certificate upon enrolment (this is not required at the registration stage). Read more on our immunisation page.

Support services are also available for children with additional needs. 

Council managed childcare centres 

Flemington Street Children's Centre

Address: 80 Flemington Street, Flemington
Phone: 9243 1320
Fax: 9243 1299

More details: 

Flemington Street Children’s Centre is a community of learners that exists in the interest of children’s, families, and staff’s well being and learning.  We recognise that diversity enriches and build’s strength, we foster positive constructive and productive partnerships working together as a team with a common purpose.
We believe that, families are the first and ongoing creator of environments for children. We respect, support and encourage parents in their role of raising their children. We work in partnership with all our families to ensure that every child has the freedom to explore and experiment within a warm trusting and caring atmosphere, promoting diversity, fun and the celebration of discoveries.

We accept that we have a responsibility to parents and educators of children in our centre, we communicate to parents and educators regarding children’s safety health and development care and education. We are strongly committed to developing an environment that supports children to reach their full potential, to encourage and support families in their important roles in raising happy and healthy children. We continue to research, learn and become increasingly aware of current trends in the early childhood profession.  We share our knowledge with everyone.
As professional peers we encourage a sense of being a part of a team. We promote professional development for all team members, we are sensitive to the needs of each other, are cheerful, and maintain a sense of humour. Educators advocate for safe and suitable work environments. We foster a team approach, where staff are respected as individuals and valuable team members.

We provide a child centred educational program, that focuses on the process of the creation is more important than the end product.  We encourage each child’s unique creativity in the program and ensure that the environments are set up based on individual and group interest.  We believe that through playing alongside the children, that we gain a deeper understanding of what each child can do, knows and understands.
We believe that a centre’s philosophy changes as new insights are gained and practices evaluated this is evident as Flemington Street Children’s Centre is participating in a research project titled: Victorian Advancing Early Learning study in partnership with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.  The study involves educators implementing the 3a approach.

The Abecedarian Approach Australia, known as 3a, is a set of strong teaching and learning strategies (Ramey, Sparling, 2012).  The strategies have been designed  in conjunction with existing curriculum and at Flemington Street it aligns with the emergent play based curriculum .  The approach consists of four elements:

  • Language priority: a commitment to make every experience an opportunity for talking, listening and learning language;
  • Learning Games: 200 experiences or games arranged in ages, played between an adult and one or two children;
  • Conversational Reading: Individual and pair reading that emphasises back and forth communication; and
  • Enriched Caregiving: intentionally adding educational content to the daily, repeated routines of care.

At Flemington St Children’s Centre we have just completed the first year of a three year study in which educators have gained many new skills, specifically targeting extending children’s vocabulary. The 3a strategies will continue to be embedded in our planning for children’s learning and development. Information will also be made available for families to support some of these strategies at home as well.

Hopetoun Early Years Centre

Address: 220 Racecourse Rd, Flemington
9243 1680

Strathmore Children's Centre

Address: Loeman St, Strathmore
9243 1200

More details: 

The newly redeveloped Strathmore Children’s Centre has been designed to be a one-stop shop for families, with a range of integrated services all under one roof.

The redevelopment project has increased the capacity of the centre to 76 places, relocated maternal and child health services to the childcare centre site, as well as added a beautiful new playground and extra community space.

This new environmentally sustainable, accessible, state-of-the-art centre will provide much needed family and children’s services in the Strathmore area, including childcare, preschool and Maternal and Child Health.

Being part of Strathmore Children’s Centre means being part of a community and having a sense of belonging, where our children can be children, in an unhurried, relaxed environment.  Children are heard, happy, confident and families are part of an extended unit. In partnership with families our educators will share priorities, ideas and visions resulting in the best outcomes for children.

As a community we believe children should have opportunities to have input and guidance into the experiences provided for them, feeling supported and respected in our child initiated program that is based on their interests and the ideas that emerge from this.  The uniqueness of each family is recognised and valued and we welcome visits, suggestions and participation for the rich learning opportunities that this gives to our service.

Our Educators place the children’s well being first and foremost, both as the child and the emerging adult that they will become.  We believe children learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play.  Our indoor/outdoor program will consequently provide children every opportunity to enjoy and incorporate nature into their everyday, as direct exposure to nature is essential for children’s healthy physical and emotional development.

Strathmore Children’s Centre has a backbone of traditional values, holding friendship, respect, fairness, teamwork, family and community, central to our way of life.

Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre for Children

Address: 1-5 Keilor Park Drive, East Keilor
9289 1500
9289 1599

More details:

Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre for Children (MILDCC) is a safe and vibrant facility for children, families and the community of Moonee Valley. The centre provides opportunities for community connectedness, skill building, health promotion and social supports. It is an environmentally sustainable state-of-the-art facility offering:

Outdoor Learning Environment

Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre for Children (MILDCC) is very proud of our extensive and inviting outdoor play environment. Educators plan and make the most of learning opportunities in both outdoor, and indoor, environments.

Young children need space, fresh air, exercise and opportunity to explore and play in natural outdoor environments. This is extremely important in keeping children fit and healthy, tackling the obesity epidemic and encouraging a deep and lasting connection with nature and the environment. Every day at MILDCC children have the opportunity to engage in play in our exciting outdoor learning environment.

Outdoor learning environments are living, breathing spaces that change every day. MILDCC offers children many elements to stimulate their senses, language development, imagination and understanding of their world. Through providing a space with sand, bark, grass, water, pebbles, and dirt children learn about the many elements of the natural physical world and relate in a hands-on, open-ended manner. Children observe, discover, question, reflect and document within natural outdoor environments.

Materials such as rocks, logs, sand, water, living gardens and plants provide endless opportunities, challenges and ideas for children’s play. These features are particularly important given the urban nature of a modern childhood. Children gain an understanding of the elements of nature and interact in a meaningful and purposeful manner. Children develop their fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, balance and coordination through engaging in outdoor play.

At MILDCC we value the beauty of natural objects and our natural environment. ‘It might be caterpillars in a tree, the changing colour of leaves or the types of visiting birds; all provide a focus for children’s innate curiosity’ (S.Elliot & J.Davis 2008, p.5). We aim to develop a sense of life-long curiosity and sense of wonder in the natural world. We ensure sufficient supervision in our indoor and outdoor spaces by working with high staff: low child ratios. We value the benefits of children building confidence and learning to take risks within a safe and supervised setting. We believe in children having choices to learn in both indoor and outdoor environments and advocate for the benefits of outdoor and indoor learning spaces.

Shuter Street Occasional Care

Address: 20 Shuter St, Moonee Ponds
9243 1880

Montgomery Park Children's Centre

Address: 47 Lawson St, Essendon
Phone: 9375 1951
9375 7379

More details:


Community managed childcare centres 

Opening hours and fees

The following operating hours and fees are current as of 1 July 2016.

Childcare centres

Childcare Operatinghours Daily fee Weekly fee Health Care Card holders daily
Flemington Street Children's Centre 7.15am-6.15pm $109 $525 $101
Hopetoun Early Years Centre 7.30am-6pm $109 $525 $101
Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre for Children 7am-6pm $109 $525 $101
Strathmore Children's Centre 7.30am-6pm $109 $525 $101
Montgomery Park Children's Centre 7.15am-6pm $105 $525 $97

Occasional care centres

Occasional care Operating hours Hourlyfee Hourly concession fee
Shuter Street Occasional Care

Monday: 8.30am-3pm

Tuesday-Friday: 8.30am-5pm

$13 n/a

More information

Learn more about childcare options, centres in your area, government help with the cost of care and choosing a quality service, visit My Child or call 1800 670 305 between Monday and Friday from 8am to 9pm.

Learn more about State Government early childhood services on the Department of Education website

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