Road safety

Our Transport Safety Strategy has a vision to provide safe travel for the whole community by adopting the Safe System approach.

This approach will prioritise safe people, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe roads and will assist use to achieve our goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries within Moonee Valley.

Wiser Walker Wiser Traveller®

Busy roads, confusing transport timetables and a lack of confidence can often be a challenge for older travellers. However, being able to get out and about is vital for leading an active, independent lifestyle. We are offering a free program to help you stay in charge of your life.

Topics covered include:

  • Making the most of transport options including walking, cycling, public and community transport
  • Safety tips for pedestrians, public transport and developing safe travel routes
  • Discount travel passes and choosing the correct travel tickets
  • Confident taxi use, fares and discount taxi programs
  • Support services offered in the Melbourne CBD and your local area

Participants will gain confidence to travel safely and look at practical alternatives for staying mobile.

When: Monday, 9, 16 and 23 October, 1pm-3pm

Where: Ascot Vale Leisure Centre, Corner Epsom and Langs Roads, Ascot Vale

Cost: Free

Afternoon tea provided.

Call Council’s Transport Team on 9243 8888 or email to make a booking.

Wiser Walker Wiser Traveller® is an initiative of the Hawthorn Community Education Centre Inc.

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Free child restraint car fittings

To keep our children safe when travelling in the car, it’s important to make sure that child restraints are updated as children grow, and are also properly adjusted, fastened, and correctly fitted to your vehicle. 

Come along and have your restraints checked for free.

When: Date TBC 2018
Where: In the car park on Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds opposite the Moonee Ponds Bowling Club

For more information contact the Transport Project Officer on 9243 8888.

Supported by the Victoria Police.

Wiser Driver 

Busy roads, confusing road rules and lack of confidence can often be a challenge for older drivers. 

The free Wiser Driver course offers you the chance to build confidence driving, refresh your knowledge of the road rules and discuss some of your common challenges when driving,  

When: TBC
Where: Ascot Vale Leisure Centre, corner Epsom and Langs Roads, Ascot Vale 
Afternoon tea provided 
Cost: Free 

To make a booking call our Transport Safety Officer on 9243 8888 or email

Keeping safe and mobile

A two hour program covering:

  • How ageing affects your driving
  • Complex driving situations
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Choosing a safe car
  • Using alternative transport
  • Modification of your car to assist you driving
  • Avoiding social isolation

This program can be conducted at your own venue on a date and time that is suitable for your group or club.

For enquiries or bookings contact Council’s Transport Project Officer on 9243 8888.

Safer scooter program

Program run over four weeks – two hours a week.

Topics include:

  • Road rules for mobility devices
  • Support services available
  • Occupational therapy advice
  • Safe and responsible travelling
  • Legal requirements and insurance
  • Choosing the right mobility device

This program can be conducted at your own venue on a date and time that is suitable for your group or club.

For enquiries or bookings contact Council’s Transport Project Officer on 9243 8888.

Less Selfie. More Safety.

We want your view of Moonee Valley to be seen with your eyes, not through a camera – and we definitely want your eyes on the road while you’re driving.

Driving distractions can have devastating consequences, so leave the selfies, texts and social media updates until you’re out of the car.

Watch the animation to find out what can happen if you drive distracted.

Keeping kids safe in Moonee Valley

It’s never ok to leave a child in an unattended car.

We’ve installed KidSafe ‘Don’t leave kids in cars’ signs in our off-street car parks to remind drivers just before they leave their car.

The thought of running a quick errand and leaving a child in the car for a minute can be tempting for a parent or carer. Leaving children unattended in a car on any day is dangerous, let alone a hot summer’s day (when the inside temperature of the car can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than outside). It could result in serious injury or death.

KidSafe Victoria recommends:

  • If you have to leave the car, even to run a quick errand – take the children with you
  • Never leave children in a car without adult supervision for any length of time, not even a minute!
  • Make ‘look before you leave’ a routine whenever you get out of the car

If you see a child alone in a car you should:

  • Call 000 and ask for the Fire Brigade
  • Give your location, the vehicle registration number and details about the child (approximate age and condition)
  • If the car is unlocked, open the doors and wait for emergency services
  • If you are concerned about the child’s condition then try to remove them from the vehicle safely

Share the road

See VicRoad's Travel Happy campaign tips for cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, truck drivers or people that travel on public transport.

Share the road, travel happy!

Hoon driver behaviour

If hoon driving behaviour is a regular occurrence in your area, offenders can have their vehicles impounded, immobilised or confiscated.

Please call 1800 333 000 to report hoon behaviour or complete a form (pdf, 651KB) and send it to:

Fawkner Highway Patrol
1151 Sydney Road
Fawkner 3046

More information

For more information about road safety, call our Traffic and Transport team on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Friday, 29 December 2017, 6:12 AM