Branch & pruning collection

You will have one branch and pruning collection per year.

What will be collected

Household branches and prunings that are:

  • up to 150mm (six inches) in diameter
  • no longer than 1.5 metres (five feet) in length
  • up to one cubic metre in volume e.g. no more than a single trailer load
  • neatly bundled and securely tied with string or twine, or placed in containers that can be emptied and left on the kerb

Note: due to Occupational Health and Safety regulations, individual bundles or containers must not exceed 15kg in weight.

What will not be collected

  • Untied branches or prunings
  • Bags of any kind
  • Hard rubbish or household waste
  • Noxious weeds like ivy, prickly pears, box thorns and blackberries

Note: any unacceptable items placed out for collection will be left behind.

2018 collection week dates

Your 2018 branch and pruning collection will take place during September and October.

Please put your items out for collection the Sunday before your collection week and no earlier.

 If your bin gets collected on: Put your bundled items out on: 
 Monday  Sunday, 2 September
 Tuesday  Sunday, 9 September
 Wednesday  Sunday, 23 September
 Thursday  Sunday, 7 October
 Friday  Sunday, 14 October

To find out what zone you live in you can view the branch and pruning collection map (pdf, 270KB)

More information

Call Customer Service on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Thursday, 24 May 2018, 11:36 PM