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Building Advice


Fences, Fence
You are responsible for the construction and maintenance of dividing fences on the land you are occupying. Neighbours usually share the cost of a standard fence even though the does not state the... Read more about Fences

Pools & spas

Swimming pool

Under the Building Regulations 2006, suitable safety barriers must be installed to all existing swimming pools and spas capable of containing a depth of water more than 300mm and used principally for swimming, wading, paddling or the like, including a bathing or wading pool or spa.

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Fire protection in buildings

smoke detector
Smoke alarms are compulsory and must be installed in all dwellings, including holiday homes and caravans. Smoke alarms are meant to protect you while you are sleeping. Therefore, you should... Read more about Fire protection in buildings

Road discontinuances

cobblestone alley
We have the power to discontinue unused roads/rights of way and provide the opportunity for adjoining property owners to purchase the land. An extensive consultation process applies before... Read more about Road discontinuances


asbestos pipes
November is national Asbestos Awareness month. Asbestos Awareness month aims to alert Australians to the dangers of working with asbestos during home renovations and maintenance. For more... Read more about Asbestos

Guidelines public safety

Changing your Planning Permit - Home Construction

Read our good practice guidelines for information on public safety and convenience at construction sites.

The guidelines highlight some of the responsibilities of property owners and builders when undertaking building work in the City of Moonee Valley.

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