Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) considers stormwater management at the planning stage for new developments, to improve stormwater quality, and water reuse.

Our Planning Clause 22.03 outlines the requirements of local planning permit applications for new developments.

WSUD requirements are required when you are developing:

  • new buildings and works
  • extensions to existing buildings which are 50m2 in floor area or greater
  • subdivision in a commercial zone

What do you include in your application to Council?

All applications must include the following four elements:

1.     Drawings including a Site Layout Plan and other relevant drawings such as a roof plan, showing the location of all WSUD treatment measures and associated information including:

  • location and type of all paved and sealed areas (notated as to porous/permeable or not)
  • rainwater tank size/capacity, roof catchment area discharging into rainwater tank, and number of toilets rainwater tank is connected to
  • cross-sections and specifications of raingarden/s and buffer strips. Note that because of Moonee Valley’s highly reactive clay soils, all raingardens and buffer strips need to be fully lined with an impervious liner and have their overflow pipe and aggie drain (agricultural pipe) connected to the stormwater system/Legal Point of Discharge. WSUD treatment measures such as infiltration sand, infiltration sandy loam, swales, unlined buffer strips and unlined raingardens are not suitable for the clay soils in the Moonee Valley area
  • details of any other integrated WSUD features

2.     A comprehensive WSUD report that includes:

3.     A WSUD Site Management Plan (WSUD SMP) detailing how you will manage the site through construction stating how you will prevent litter, sediments and pollution from entering the stormwater system. This can be integrated into your broader SMP statement. Take a look at our Sample SMP in the Keeping Our Stormwater Clean: A Builder’s Guide (pdf, 881KB) by Melbourne Water and the EPA Victoria.

4.     A WSUD Management Program with methods of operational and maintenance management of your proposed WSUD features, ie inspections and cleaning regimes.

Which WSUD features can you incorporate into your development?

The following links provide general descriptions, comprehensive material sheets and installation instructions for each feature.

Useful tools and links

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