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What is heritage

Heritage encompasses many things and in our ever changing city it's important that we protect it.

Read this section to find out why and how we protect heritage and why Council is involved in heritage.

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About heritage studies

Heritage studies are a detailed investigation into properties and places which may have heritage significance. We conduct heritage studies to investigate places that may have heritage significance and therefore warrant protection.

Read this section to find out how heritage studies are prepared and what studies are happening now. 

What does heritage protection mean for me

Heritage controls generally have little impact upon the daily lives of the affected property owner.

Read this section to view a list of questions and answers to help you understand about what heritage protection means for you.

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Heritage services and processes

We are here to help you with your questions about your heritage property.

Read this section to find out what services Council offers to owners of heritage properties.

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Heritage protected places in Moonee Valley

There are many places in Moonee Valley that are protected under the Heritage Overlay.

Read this section to find out what places are already protected in Moonee Valley.

Settler's Cottage

Settlers Cottage then

We are moving forward with work to preserve the historical ‘settler’s cottage’ formerly located at 1070 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon.


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History of Moonee Valley

Moonee Valley is proud of its rich heritage. Our history goes back a long way and continues to live through family stories, buildings, residential and commercial precincts, parks, trees and objects.

Read this section to find out about Moonee Valley's history.

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