Long Term Planning

Long term planning in Moonee Valley

When it comes to developing in Moonee Valley, there are important decisions to make on where, how many, and what kind of new residential and commercial developments we want to have here.

Our aim is to create a mix of land uses, quality architecture and design, and sustainable development that protects our environment.

Moonee Valley Planning Scheme

Long term planning in Moonee Valley involves the management of the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

This includes the development of local planning policies that consider issues such as population growth, sustainability, environment and neighbourhood character. View the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme online at the Department of Planning and Community Development website.

Find out details about current amendments to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

Activity Centre Structure Plans

We develop structure plans for activity centres. These plans guide the long-term development of particular areas.

These activity centres have been identified as suitable for increases in housing and commercial activity, through Melbourne 2030, the State Government’s plan for managing Melbourne’s growth. 

The State Government has now released Plan Melbourne, which is proposed to replace Melbourne 2030. Plan Melbourne does not change the designation of Moonee Valley’s activity centres.

Find out more about Moonee Valley's activity centres.


We have a key role to play in identifying and protecting places of heritage significance. Find out more about Heritage.

Projects and other strategic work

Find out details about other current projects, including the review of urban design guidelines for Mt Alexander Road, including the review of urban design guidelines for Mt Alexander Road. 

Melbourne is a growing city. The population of Melbourne is expected to reach 7.7 million by 2051. The State Government has the challenging task of working out the best way to accommodate this...

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Activity centres are where people shop, work, meet, relax and often live. They are usually well served by public transport and can range in size from local neighbourhood shopping streets to...

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Information regarding projects and other strategic work.

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We have an adopted Neighbourhood Character Study and Neighbourhood Character Precinct Profiles for each residential area of Moonee Valley. Any planning application for development in the General...

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We are looking for a 14-25 year old from the local area to create an artwork for the new Pridham Plaza upgrade in Racecourse Road, Flemington. You will: be creating a large scale design for...

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The Union Road Streetscape Plan has been created to inform future landscape capital works projects and street-based projects within the shopping precinct. It provides a cohesive approach to...

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Moonee Valley’s tree canopy is an important asset for the community, providing many environmental, community and economic benefits and contributing greatly to the character of Moonee Valley....

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In December 2014 we endorsed a process to follow in developing a new Housing Strategy for Moonee Valley. While we have an adopted Housing Strategy (from 2010), this needs to be reviewed and...

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We are working with the State Government's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on a project to renew the Flemington Housing Estate and surrounding Debneys Park Precinct. The first...

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The State Government's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is working on a project to renew the Ascot Vale Housing Estate with a mix of social and private homes. As part of it's Phase 2...

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