Racecourse Road Activities Area Amendment C118

Racecourse Road Activities Area Structure Plan

At its regular meeting on 23 July 2013, Council resolved to abandon the Racecourse Road Activities Area Structure Plan and Amendment C118. The proposal to implement the Racecourse Road Structure Plan and Urban Design Guidelines via the Activity Centre Zone will therefore not proceed.

It is important to note, however, that Racecourse Road will continue to be designated an Activity Centre under the new State Metropolitan Planning Strategy, Plan Melbourne.

View the decision in the Council Meeting Minutes

Council wrote to the Minister for Planning advising of its intention to abandon the amendment.

Council wishes to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in the development of these documents and to those who made submissions during the exhibition period. 

Council may re-look at these documents again at a later stage and provide the community with another opportunity to provide input and feedback.


Over that past four years Council has been developing long term planning documents to oversee the growth and change of the Racecourse Road Activities Area. These documents are:

A structure plan is a long term strategic plan for an activities area to ensure growth and development is guided and appropriate, while urban design guidelines more clearly articulate how this development should be designed.

Amendment C118

The structure plan and urban design guidelines need a corresponding planning tool to allow them to be officially implemented. This tool is called an Activity Centre Zone (ACZ). The ACZ provides guidance regarding what can be built within the activities area as well as how land can be used.  

In order to assist the implementation of the Racecourse Road Activities Area Structure Plan and Urban Design Guidelines, changes to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme will be required. This involves rezoning land within the Racecourse Road Activities Area to the ACZ.

To rezone this area, Council must follow a process stipulated by the State Government. This process is called a 'planning scheme amendment'. More specifically, this particular process involving the Racecourse Road Activities Area is called Planning Scheme Amendment C118.

The draft structure plan, urban design guidelines and ACZ documentation (Amendment C118) for Racecourse Road were endorsed for the purpose of community consultation by Council on Tuesday, 18 September, 2012.

These documents were placed on consultation from 31 January to 15 March, 2013.

The amendment documents are available for download as follows:

The structure plan, urban design guidelines and Amendment C118 were consulted on from 31 January - 15 March 2013.  This process resulted in over 170 submissions being received from the community, providing valuable input into the future vision for the area.   

Although Amendment C118 was to be referred to an independent planning panel in late May 2013, Council requested a deferral of this process from the Minister for Planning through Notice of Motion 2013/02.  For further details, view Notice of Motion 2013/02.  The Amendment has subsequently been abandoned.

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