Housing Strategy

While we have an adopted Housing Strategy (from 2010), this needs to be reviewed and updated to better address Moonee Valley’s changing demographics, as well as recent changes to state planning policy.

What is a Housing Strategy?

A Housing Strategy provides a framework for us to ensure Moonee Valley is best placed to meet the diverse housing needs of those who live here now, and those who will in the future.

The new strategy will look at a broad spectrum of housing issues. This includes where in Moonee Valley housing change and growth could be accommodated and the types of housing needed, but also affordable housing and accessible housing.

Once adopted, the Housing Strategy will help to provide the strategic basis for any future application of the State Government’s new residential zones. These were released by the previous State Government in July 2013.

Why do we need a Housing Strategy?

The population of Moonee Valley is growing. Over the life of the new Housing Strategy, from 2015 to 2025, it is expected that the population will increase by over 18,000. By 2036, an additional 31,000 residents are expected to call Moonee Valley home. 

In addition, the proximity of Moonee Valley to the CBD, combined with its many other desirable attributes, is helping to drive up housing prices and rents. And an ageing population means there will be an increasing need for housing which is designed to be adaptable and liveable for different life stages.

We need to plan for these changes by ensuring there will be adequate, well-designed housing in suitable locations to meet the needs of future residents.

In doing so, we also need to take steps to mitigate the impacts of additional housing on existing residents, infrastructure, facilities and open spaces. These are significant issues which need to be considered in planning for housing growth.

How do we have a role in housing?

Being the planning authority, we have a role in facilitating the orderly provision of housing, while at the same time ensuring this housing is well designed. We also have a role in ensuring that land is appropriately zoned.

We also have a role in advocating to other tiers of government for improvements to housing and related infrastructure. This can include advocating for more affordable, as well as social housing and improvements to infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population. It can also extend to advocating for minimum design standards for apartments and more stringent requirements around housing accessibility.

Lastly, we have a further role as a regulator in relation to rooming houses. We may inspect rooming houses to see if they meet the minimum standards which all rooming house operators must comply with.

Draft Housing Issues and Opportunities Paper

In March 2015 we endorsed a Draft Housing Issues and Opportunities Paper which looks to identify the key housing issues for Moonee Valley and how they could be addressed. We consulted on this paper from April to June 2015. All of the information we received will feed into a draft Housing Strategy. 

You can so view the accompanying fact sheet.

Thank you to everyone who participated. All of the information we received will feed into a draft Housing Strategy. Once adopted, the Housing Strategy will help to provide the strategic basis for us to apply the State Government’s new residential zones to Moonee Valley, which will include a third period of consultation with the community.

Current Housing Strategy 2010

You can view our current adopted Moonee Valley Housing Strategy 2010 (pdf, 1.07MB).

Refer to the background report (pdf, 4.28MB) and the following factsheets for more information:

More information

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