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Each month we invite you to explore and find out about planning and development matters affecting our city.

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Issue Accessible Document
May 2016 (pdf, 422 KB) May 2016 (word, 23KB)
April 2016  (pdf, 222 KB) April 2016  (word, 22KB)
March 2016 (pdf, 263KB) March 2016 (word, 22KB)
February 2016 (pdf, 156KB) February 2016 (word, 18KB)
January 2016 (pdf, 430KB) January 2016 (word, 19KB)
November 2015 (pdf, 238KB) November 2015 (word, 20KB)
October 2015 (pdf, 247KB) October 2015 (word, 20KB)
September 2015 (pdf, 164KB) September 2015 (word, 18KB) 
August 2015 (pdf, 231KB) August 2015 (word, 18KB)
July 2015 (pdf, 217KB) July 2015 (word, 19KB)
June 2015 (pdf, 185KB) June 2015 (word, 18KB)
May 2015 (pdf, 301KB) May 2015 (word, 20KB)
April 2015 (pdf, 196KB) April 2015 (word, 19KB)
March 2015 (pdf, 185KB) March 2015 (word, 19KB)

February 2015 (pdf, 772KB)

February 2015 (word, 19KB)

News Alert - Military Road (pdf,49.6KB) News Alert - Military Road (word, 16KB)
December 2014 (pdf, 266KB) December 2014 (word, 19KB)

November 2014 (pdf, 255KB)

November 2014 (word, 20KB)

News Alert - Ascot Vale Road (pdf, 49.3KB) News Alert - Ascot Vale Road (word, 16KB)
October 2014 (pdf, 218KB) October 2014 (word, 19KB)
September 2014 (pdf, 220KB) September 2014 (word, 18KB)

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