Amendment C163 - City of Moonee Valley Heritage Guidelines

We have been working to expand and update a key document which assists with the assessment of heritage considerations during the planning permit process, particularly for buildings and areas protected by Moonee Valley’s Heritage Overlay.

The City of Moonee Valley Heritage Guidelines provide detailed parameters to assist property owners, architects, town planners and building designers on methods to conserve, restore, and adapt existing buildings protected by the Heritage Overlay, as well as provide guidance for new buildings within or in close proximity to Heritage Overlays.

The aim is to assist in recognising the individual character and heritage significance of both places and precincts throughout Moonee Valley, and to ensure that heritage listed buildings and areas in or, in close proximity to a Heritage Overlay, will be successfully conserved and adapted for the present and future.

Separate to this publication we have also prepared Individual Precinct Guidelines for each Heritage Overlay Precinct. These guidelines set out the reasons for a precincts importance, the elements to be protected and specific advice for new works within that precinct. Individual Precinct Guidelines are designed to assist and be read in conjunction with the City of Moonee Valley Heritage Guidelines.

In October 2015 we sought community feedback on draft guidelines and the planning scheme amendment, called Amendment C163, which is the State Government process to introduce the guidelines into the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme and give them more weight as a decision making tool.

View the City of Moonee Valley Heritage Guidelines (pdf, 9.32MB)

View the Individual Precinct Guidelines (pdf, 5.03MB)

View the planning scheme amendment documents:

August 2017 update

In its letter dated 26 July 2017 to Council the department issued notice of approval for Amendment C163. The amendment came into effect on 17 August 2017 when notice of its approval was published in the Victorian Government Gazette.

December 2016 update

Exhibition has now concluded for Amendment C163 with no submissions received.

A report went to the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 20 December 2016. Council adopted the amendment and it has been sent to the Minister for Planning for final approval.

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For more information please contact the Strategic Planning team by emailing or calling 9243 8888.

My property sits within the Heritage Overlay. What does this mean for me?

If you are planning any works to your property or planning to build a new property, the guidelines assist in how to conserve, restore or adapt your property so the significant heritage characteristics of the precinct or place are maintained.

The Draft City of Moonee Valley Heritage Guidelines provide detailed parameters for the conservation of heritage buildings as well as guidance for the development of new buildings within or in close proximity to Heritage Overlays.

We recommend you organise a meeting with our Heritage Advisor prior to starting your project.

My property is not heritage listed but sits in close proximity to the Heritage Overlay. What does this mean for me?

New development that is in close proximity to properties in the Heritage Overlay should provide built form transitions in scale, massing and setbacks that reference the characteristics of the heritage place or precinct.

The guidelines offer design solutions to ensure that new developments respond to the abutting heritage place or precinct and do not unduly dwarf or reduce the significance of the heritage place.

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