Review of the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme

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March 2015 update

Amendment C134 was officially gazetted by the Minister for Planning on Thursday, 5 March 2015.

June 2014 update

At the Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday, 24 June 2014 Council resolved to incorporate all changes recommended in the Panel Report and submit Moonee Valley Planning Scheme Amendment C134 to the Minister for Planning for approval.

View the Planning Scheme Review Report 2014.

May 2014 update

The Panel Report for Amendment C134 has been released.

April 2014 update

A Panel Hearing for this amendment was held at Council Offices on Thursday, 3 April.

The report from this hearing will be released over the coming weeks and will be available for download.

February 2014 update

A report was put to the Council meeting on January 28, 2014 responding to all submissions and recommending Council request a Panel Hearing for this amendment.

Subsequently, Council resolved to request a Panel Hearing for this amendment.  This Panel Hearing is likely to take place in April 2014.

View the Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes for the meeting on January 28, 2014.

Please keep checking our website for updates on the next steps in the process.

December 2013 update

We have finished consultation on the draft Planning Scheme Review Report and Amendment C134.  We will review all submissions and are intending to put a report to Council in January, prior to requesting the Minister for Planning to set up a Panel Hearing. 

November 2013 update – consultation on Draft Planning Scheme Review Report and Amendment C134

Following authorisation from the Minister for Planning, we sought feedback on a draft Planning Scheme Review Report and proposed changes to the planning scheme (Amendment C134).

Feedback and submissions closed 13 December 2013.  For more information download the documents below (including the new Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) sections), visit the DTPLI website, or call 9243 8888.

Documents as exhibited are available for download below. You can also view this summary factsheet (pdf, 2.8MB).

During the consultation we held a Community Workshop  on Sunday, 24 November at the Clocktower Centre, 750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds.

During the first 45 minutes of the Workshop there was a presentation about the State Government’s Metropolitan Planning Strategy, Plan Melbourne.

The new MSS sections below as exhibited have explanatory comments on the side to help you better understand the changes proposed.

Amendment C134 Documentation:

Planning Scheme Review Documentation:

September 2013 update - Draft Planning Scheme Review Report and Amendment C134

Council primarily resolved at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 August 2013 to:

  1. Seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning for Amendment C134, and to exhibit the amendment (subject to authorisation from the Minister).
  2. Endorse the draft Planning Scheme Review Repot, and consult on this when consulting on Amendment C134.
  3. Receive a further report in relation to the preparation of a planning scheme amendment on the application of the new residential zones.

Amendment C134 is for:

  1. A new Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) that has been developed based on the recommendations of the draft Planning Scheme Review Report.
  2. Deletion of Clause 22.01 (Residential Development of Four or More Storeys) and relocation of relevant policy guidelines into the proposed new MSS.

Please see the Agenda for the Council Meeting of 27 August, and the Minutes from the Council Meeting of 27 August for further information.

Pending authorisation from the Minister for Planning, Council will consult on Amendment C134, and the draft Planning Scheme Review Report in November and December this year. 

If you would like to add your name and details to our mailing list so we can notify you directly, please email us at

May 2013 update - feedback on Issues Report

We have consulted on the Issues Report for the Planning Scheme Review and received some great feedback on how we could update our planning scheme.

A summary of the feedback to the Issues Report has been prepared. This summary indicates that there are a broad range of interests and suggestions throughout the community. Included in the feedback is a table with Council officer’s initial response to the matters raised in the feedback.  Please note that these responses are an initial response only. They are provided as a response from officers as part of daily operational activities. Any formal decisions will be made by Council.

All matters raised in submissions will be further analysed during the next few months, and a draft report with recommendations and changes to the planning scheme will be presented to Councillors in August 2013.

We are preparing recommendations on how to address the planning issues, and redrafting planning policies.

We will engage a peer review with a qualified planning consultant, experienced in how planning schemes should be drafted.

A report will be presented to Councillors at the Ordinary Council meeting in August 2013.

New Residential Zones

The Minister for Planning has released new residential zones for Victoria.  These zones are:

  • Residential Growth Zone
  • General Residential Zone
  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone

Further information about the new residential zones can be found at the DPCD website.

Council has approximately 12 months in which to implement the new zones.

A report was presented to Councillors at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 28 May 2013, with a proposed criteria on how we should implement the new zones in Moonee Valley.  Council has resolved that further work be undertaken to develop a criteria for the implementation of the new residential zones.

The purpose of this report is to seek Council’s endorsement for Council officers to investigate this criteria further, and prepare implementation documents on the zones for which we will consult as part of the Planning Scheme Review.

The report to Council and any attachments are available as part of the Council Meeting agenda.

Consultation on the Issues Report - 11 March to 12 April 2013

We sought your feedback to see whether we have identified all of the issues and areas that our planning scheme should address. We have identified a number of key issues or gaps that the planning scheme should address in some way. These are discussed in the Issues Report. The report also outlines strategies developed by Council and State Government, which can assist in tackling these issues.

For more information on the themes and issues, please read the Issues Report.

As part of the consultation we visited 10 shopping centres across Moonee Valley in April 2013. People were able to add their details to our mailing list to receive updates about the project, and ask questions about the planning scheme review.

If you would like to add your name and details to our mailing list, please email us at

What is a planning scheme? 

A planning scheme is the legal instrument that guides all our decisions on planning and development. It includes a range of tools and sets out the provisions for land use, development and protection of land in the municipality.

Information contained within the planning scheme includes where and how people can develop their land and restrictions or controls in relation to land use. It is the framework for which we make our decisions on planning permit applications.

What will this review look at?

This review will focus on a number of sections of the planning scheme, including our Local Planning Policy Framework, and specifically the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS). The factsheet describes the different components of a Planning Scheme that are under review. 

What is an MSS?

The MSS provides guidance for decision making where planning permits are required. This statement also directs where other planning scheme controls may be applied. The local MSS is focused around the following themes:

  • Sustainable Environment
  • Housing
  • Built Environment (what buildings and homes should look like)
  • Activity Centres
  • Economic Development
  • Social and Physical Infrastructure
  • Transport and Access

The Issues Report provides more detail on each of these themes. The factsheet also provides a summary of these themes.

How to get involved?

Reviewing a planning scheme can take over 12 months. During this time we will be consulting the community several times.

  • The first round of consultation is on the Issues Report. This consultation ended on 12 April 2013.
  • The second round of consultation will be on the draft changes to the planning scheme and recommendations. This consultation will take place in November and December 2013.

To stay up to date with the progress of the MPS review and to find out about consultation activities and dates, register your name and email address to 

Why review a planning scheme?

A planning scheme must be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is up to date and can address key issues that the municipality is currently facing, or is expected to face in the future. Under legislation we must review our planning scheme every four years.

The purpose of a planning scheme review is to:

  • Identify the major planning issues facing the municipality
  • Demonstrate how it implements the State Planning Policy Framework
  • Assess its strategic performance
  • Document the strategic work that has been completed or carried out since the previous review and any additional work required to strengthen its strategic direction
  • Outline the consultation process and its outcomes
  • Make recommendations arising from the review
  • Identify new strategic work necessary to support future policy development or changes

Expected key timelines and milestones for this review

  • May to September 2013 - We will review all submissions and draft some recommended changes to the planning scheme.
  • November to December 2013 - We will consult with the community again, this time about the draft changes to the planning scheme.
  • April to June 2014 - A panel may be held to consider submissions in relation to any proposed changes to the planning scheme.
  • July 2014 - We will finalise the planning scheme review.

Related documents 

At the start of each Councillor term (every four years) we are required by law to review and update three very important long term strategic documents. These documents are:

  • Council Plan
  • Moonee Valley Planning Scheme and
  • Moonee Valley Public Health and Well Being Plan

The Council Plan was adopted by Council on 25 June 2013.  The Moonee Valley Public Health and Wellbeing Plan was adopted by Council on 24 September 2013.

These three documents have related content. For example, the way a city is planned and the way the land is used has an impact on health and well being. A city that has good walking and cycling paths, access to public transport, well located open space, community facilities and sporting fields and successful businesses that provide local employment will have a much happier and healthier community compared to a city that does not have these important features.

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