Planning fees

Here are the statutory planning fees (doc, 476KB) for planning permit applications, amended plans/permit, subdivision, certification and other enquiries, effective as of 13 October 2016.

Please note:

  • The cost of development for a permit application relates to the total estimated cost of the development. For an application to amend a permit the total cost relates to the original cost of development permitted plus the additional costs of development related to the amended application.
  • The statutory fees listed are from the Planning and Environment (Fees) Interim Regulations 2016 and are set by the State Government effective as of 9 June 2016.
  • Non-statutory fees for photocopying, written enquiries, extensions of time, etc. are set by us.
  • GST does not apply to statutory fees but applies to all other fees and is inclusive in the listed fees.
  • Fees (with the exception of exempt applications) must be paid when lodging an application and any application submitted without the prescribed fee will not be registered or considered until we receive payment.

Combined permit applications:

The fee for an application for permit or to amend a permit involving a combination of land use and development (buildings and works) is the sum arrived at by adding the highest fee (which would have applied if separate applications were made) plus 50 per cent of the other lesser fee(s).

This fee structure does not apply to subdivision, certification or any other matter referred to in Classes 16, 17 or 18 which are subject to separate fees.

Property enquiries for planning permits (inclusive of GST):

  • A written response from us regarding a residential property incurs a fee of $132.10
  • A written response from us regarding a commercial property incurs a fee of $210.60

Photocopying charges (inclusive of GST)

The following charges apply to the copying of any plans or other written documentation that relate to a planning application:

A0 Size  $10.30 each
A1 Size $7.45 each
A2 size $5 each
A3 size $3.05 each
A4 size        First 20 free then $1.55 each

Planning file request

A fee of $76.95 applies to the retrieval of a planning file from archives that are stored off-site and/or a copy of endorsed plans.

Matters of consent and Certificate of Compliance

Where the planning scheme specifies that a matter must to be done to the satisfaction of the responsible authority, an application for consent a fee applies. Where a certificate of compliance (section 97N) is sought a $306.70 fee applies.

Advertising costs (inclusive of GST)

Most planning applications are subject to the notification procedures specified in section 52 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. There are costs associated with this notification procedure that must be paid by the permit applicant as required.

These costs are $137.80 minimum advertising fee (for up to 15 letters) and $8.05 for each additional letter (after 15 letters) plus $27.55 per site notice.

Demolition 29A

Complete an application for demolition. The demolition application fee is $64.10.

For more information

Call our Statutory Planning unit on 9243 9111, our Citizen Services team on 9243 8888 or enquire in person at the Statutory Planning counter at the Civic Centre.

Last updated: Tuesday, 13 June 2017, 12:13 AM