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Planning forms

Planning - Understanding the Jargon

Before completing planning forms please ensure you have read our guide to the planning process.

Read more about Planning forms

Planning fact sheets and checklists

Process Overview - Measurements
We have created a range of fact sheets and checklists to make the planning experience easier to understand and quicker to navigate. The fact sheets are easy to understand explanations of various... Read more about Planning fact sheets and checklists

Minor buildings and works

Residential Building Works - House Frame
Planning permit applications for minor buildings and works, such as extensions to your property (residential or commercial), external fixtures, outbuildings, windows and pergolas are covered by . Read more about Minor buildings and works

Car parking

Parking Bays
For a planning permit applications to reduce or waive the car parking requirements set out in the . We require certain information in order to properly assess your application against the... Read more about Car parking

Changing the use of your land

Changing Use of Land - Architect, Business, Industrial
For planning permit applications to change how you use your land. All land has a zoning that is prescribed in the  such as, Residential Zone or Commercial Zone. This zoning specifies... Read more about Changing the use of your land

Developing a landscape plan

Rain Garden
The  will help ensure that the landscape plan you submit provides all the relevant information required to assess your application in terms of the landscape... Read more about Developing a landscape plan

Existing use rights

Existing Use - Bar, Restarant
When putting together an application for a planning permit, you may realise that your property is being used in a way that is not permitted according to the current zoning that applies in your... Read more about Existing use rights


Planning permit applications to construct a front fence are covered by . Read more about Fences

Medium density housing

Density Housing
The  describes what information you need to provide us when applying for a planning permit for medium density housing applications. Medium density housing includes developments with more... Read more about Medium density housing


Build over Easement
When thinking about purchasing property, changing the use of a property or developing property, it is important to have a clear understanding of the specific planning regulations that... Read more about Overlays

Painting buildings

Painting - Interior Wall
Planning permit applications to paint the outside of your property located within a  are covered by .   Read more about Painting buildings

Satellite dishes

Satellite Dish, Antenna
If you are planning to erect a satellite dish in a residential zone you must be aware of the following conditions: You can install a dish with a diameter of up to 1.2m without a planning... Read more about Satellite dishes