Health & wellbeing planning

Our Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan is integrated into our Council Plan 2017-21.

The plan aligns with the MV2040 Strategy: our long term plan with a vision of a healthy city, where together we will create and continually improve the conditions that enable all of us to enjoy the highest level of health and wellbeing possible.

The building blocks for a healthy city and MV2040 themes are:

1. Fair

2. Thriving

3. Connected

4. Green

5. Beautiful

The health and wellbeing priorities for 2017-21 are:

  • gender equity and prevention of violence against women
  • active transport
  • mental health, alcohol and other drugs
  • reducing inequalities
  • creating liveable neighbourhoods
  • employment 

The Health and Wellbeing Action Plan and Evaluation Framework (pdf, 1.49MB) provides information about what we will deliver from 2017 to 2021 and how we will measure success.

Annual progress reports are developed to monitor actions and support evaluation.

Developing the plan

The plan reflects valuable contributions from community, health service representatives and other levels of Government. It sets out an ambitious set of objectives and strategies that Council will work on with partners.

Our health and wellbeing commitments and priorities are informed by:

Our community

Our Municipal Profile tells the story of our health and wellbeing status. The profile can be used to draw attention to health priorities and opportunities for action.

Our profile (pdf, 14.2MB) includes data about our community, such as our demographic information, health and wellbeing status and details about the environment in which we live in.

More information about our community:

More information

If you require more information about Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Planning, contact our Social Planning and Wellbeing team on 9243 8888 or email

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