Finding volunteer opportunities

Thought about volunteering, but unsure what it’s all about and how to find the right volunteer position for you?

Here are some options to help with information about volunteering and where volunteers are needed. This list is a good start if you are not quite sure where to go.

  • Moonee Valley City Council – volunteer programs
    We involve volunteers in several different programs. From time to time, there are volunteering positions available.
  • Volunteering at a non-Council Community Centre
    There are neighbourhood houses and community centres run by not-for-profit local organisations that provide social, educational and recreational activities for their communities, in a welcoming, supportive environment. Organisations of this kind are managed by volunteer committees and paid staff. From time to time these organisations need the assistance of volunteers across a range of areas. You can contact Non-Council Community Centres in Moonee Valley to find out more about volunteering.
  • GoVolunteer 
    With this online tool you can search for volunteer positions nationally. You can search by organisation type, position or post code.
  • Volunteer West 
    Volunteer West is your local Volunteer Resource Centre. This not-for-profit community organisation services the western region of Melbourne. They provide information about volunteering, assist members of the community to find suitable volunteering opportunities and promote volunteering throughout the community.
    03 9398 1233 
  • Emergency services volunteering
    If you want to help out in a crisis the best thing you can do is to get involved with an emergency service or volunteer organisation early. That way you will have gained the experience, training and skills to help out through the organisation you have joined if an emergency happens. Click above to see a list of emergency services organisations.
  • Probono Australia
    Probono Australia helps people from right across Australia match their skills from industries such as IT, hospitality, design, accounting, law and sales to a relevant and rewarding volunteer role.
  • Volunteering Victoria
    Volunteering Victoria is the state peak body for volunteering. They focus on advocacy, sector development and the promotion of volunteering. They offer information about specialised volunteer programs with opportunities for corporate/employee volunteers, people with disabilities, and young people.
    03 8327 8500

Look at your local newspaper

Often there are articles about volunteering and community service advertisements that inform people about local volunteering roles.

Contact your local community organisation

Have you noticed a neighbourhood house, community health centre, church, nursing home, sports club, school or other community organisation near where you live? Ask there for information about any volunteering opportunities.

United Nations Online Volunteering

This service promotes cyber-volunteering by connecting volunteers to online assignments with organisations working for sustainable human development.

Interested in a specific cause?

You might like to search on the internet for organisations that address or respond to issues related to a cause you are passionate about. Look for information on groups that try to effect change in society through advocacy or programs.

Last updated: Monday, 10 June 2019, 8:13 AM