Moonee Valley Thematic Environmental History

What is a Thematic Environmental History (TEH)?

The Moonee Valley TEH documents how Moonee Valley has developed and how the culture of the area has influenced the natural environment, buildings and structures. It is not intended to be a complete social history of the municipality or a chronology of events. Rather, the TEH traces the major historical themes that have resulted in the physical development of the area since European settlement and identifies the important distinguishing characteristics of Moonee Valley.

The themes used for the study come from Victoria’s Framework of Historical Themes, developed by Heritage Victoria. The framework creates a thematic structure by which to identify the iconic features, stories, movements, geographic features, people and monuments of Moonee Valley.

THe TEH provides a context for undertaking future assessments of heritage places and identifies additional heritage places and themes for further investigation.


The TEH was prepared by Living Histories with input from a range of community members.

The draft TEH was released for public comment in June 2012. A report summarising the outcomes of community feedback was presented to Council on 18 September 2012. At this meeting Council resolved to adopt the document with changes recommended in response to the community feedback.

The final TEH can be downloaded below:

Pages 1-49

Pages 50-99

Pages 100-149

Pages 150-199

Pages 200-249

Pages 250-280

You can also view hard copies at all local libraries.

More information

For further information about the TEH please contact Strategic Planning on 9243 8888 or via email at

1. Shaping Victoria’s environment This theme looks at the geography of Moonee Valley, including rivers and creeks. 2. Peopling Victoria’s places and landscapes ...

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