Heritage services & processes

What services does Council offer to owners of heritage buildings?

If your property is affected by heritage controls and you wish to alter or make changes to your property, our Statutory Planning unit will provide advice on how to prepare and lodge your planning permit application.

We also provide a free heritage advisory service. This service is available to all owners of properties in the Heritage Overlay. The Heritage Advisor can advise on whether proposed development would affect heritage significance.

To make an appointment to speak to the Heritage Advisor, please contact our Statutory Planning unit on 9243 8888.

What happens if a place has been identified in the Heritage Gap Study and a planning or demolition permit is requested?

Council adopted a process and criteria in May 2015 to assist in the consideration of demolition requests or planning permit applications, that impact on properties in the Moonee Valley Heritage Gap Study.

Where our Heritage Advisor considers that a proposed development or demolition might have a significant impact on the potential significance of an important or landmark heritage place or precinct, we will request the Minister for Planning to introduce an interim Heritage Overlay. We will then also pursue a permanent control over the likely affected property.

Please contact our Statutory Planning team on 9243 8888 if you have any questions about this, particularly if you have a property that has been identified in the Heritage Gap Study and you are proposing redevelopment or demolition.

Current Planning Scheme mendments

Sometimes we request interim or permanent heritage controls on places that are not part of a study.

See the status of any heritage projects going through the Planning Scheme Amendment stage in order to be included in the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

Last updated: Saturday, 29 June 2019, 11:08 AM