Food business

All businesses that store, prepare, handle, serve and sell food must be registered/notified under the Food Act. This includes mobile, temporary and food vending machine operators.

If you are a community group wanting to operate a fixed food premises you must contact us to discuss your proposal.

Determine your food premises classification risk

Your business must be classified according to the highest level of risk of your food handling activities.

For a better understanding of risk levels, visit Food Business Classifications.

Opening a new business or altering your existing business

This section is not relevant to businesses who perform low risk activities (Class 4) only. Complete and submit a notification form (pdf, 277KB) to us.

To assist you with complying with the requirements of the food safety standards, we offer a plans assessment service for your proposed premises (or renovations / improvements to existing premises) and provide advice before construction commences. This service is useful in helping you avoid costly remedial alterations once construction has started or been completed.

Please follow the recommend process:

Steps Process
1 Determine your classification

Prepare floor plans/drawings including photos if available:




Contact Council's planning department on 9243 8888 to discuss if a permit is required for the location of your business prior to starting any works. Alterations to shopfronts and signage should also be discussed.

Refer to the more information section below for further links and documents to assist you with your business.

 3 Submit two copies of your plans along with a completed application form (pdf, 157KB).

Your plans will be assessed by an Environmental Health Officer.

Allow 15 working days from receipt of your documentation.


You will receive written advice that plans are suitable (with conditions), alternatively, you will be asked to provide additional information.

Discuss any issues with the Environmental Health Officer who will be able to assist you with the process.

The fitting out works on your premises can commence. An Environmental Health Officer may inspect your premises at any time or at your request to ensure compliance.

 6 Once your works are nearing completion, you must contact us to arrange for a final inspection.

Once your final inspection has been completed you will be provided with Food Act registration form (pdf, 643KB)

You must complete your registration form and email it to with payment.

 8 You can now open/operate your business.

Transferring or buying an existing business

This section is not relevant to businesses who perform low risk activities (Class 4) only. Complete and submit a notification form (pdf, 277KB) form to us.

To assist you with transferring your business, we recommend the following process:

Steps Process 

Request a Condition of Premises Inspection report (pdf, 392KB) to make sure you aware of any outstanding orders or structural requirements placed on the business before settlement.

Allow 14 days from receipt of your documentation for your inspection to be undertaken and report sent.

Go to Step 3 if you do not wish to arrange an inspection.

Call planning to discuss if a planning permit is required for the location of your business prior to starting any works.

2 An inspection will be conducted by an Environmental Health Officer and report sent to the applicant.
3 To transfer your business you must complete and return a Transfer of Registration application (pdf, 303KB) form along with the appropriate fee.
4 Your business can only transfer once the application form is received, the premises is in a satisfactory condition and any outstanding payments/fees have been received.

Food safety

All businesses regardless of their classification must ensure that any food sold is safe and suitable to consume.

Food safety requirements

Class type Do you require a Food Safety Program?  Are you required to maintain Minimum Records? Do you require a Food Safety Supervisor? 
1  Yes  No  Yes
2  Yes  No  Yes
3  No  Yes  No
4  No  No  No

Food Safety Programs templates and minimum record sheets

Class 1 and 2

Class 3

Food safety supervisors training

Find out more about food safety supervisor training

Class 3 and 4 food premises do not require a qualified Food Safety Supervisor although you can undertake free online training.

Food Safety Standards

The Food Safety Standards set the rules that you must comply with in the day-to-day operations of your business to ensure your food is safe.

Class 1, 2 and 3 premises must comply with these standards.

Food safety complaints

We conduct regular food premise inspections and investigate complaints to make sure food safety regulations are met.

If you want us to investigate a food premises or have a food complaint:
Call Citizen Services on 9243 8888

If you suspect that someone is selling food without a permit:
Call Citizens Services on 9243 8888 or report a food sale without a permit online

Temporary events

All businesses planning to operate temporary events must have single state-wide registration/notification. If you do not currently have state-wide registration/notification you must apply on line with Streatrader.

Once your principle council has approved your application you will then be able to update and enter details of your events through Streatrader (eg. Statement of Trade). These will automatically notify the relevant council of your events.

Tobacco control

Tobacco laws ban smoking in restaurants, cafes, licensed premises and workplaces.

More information on legislation and signage requirements for your business in Victorian tobacco reforms.

We conduct test purchases to make sure that tobacco retailers are complying with laws which prohibit the sale of cigarettes to minors.

Fees and charges

See the fees and charges.

More information

Information and resources to assist your food business:

 You can also contact us:

Council  Environmental Health
9243 8888 9243 8810
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