Footpath trading permits

Council adopted a new Footpath Trading Policy on 9 October and has developed 'deemed standards' for footpath trading permits.
These reforms will replace existing local laws permit regimes for footpath trading and aim to ensure that regulation is proportionate to low-risk applications by reducing the time in which an applicant needs to wait before receiving approval to place their items on the footpath.

Footpath trading permits are required for:

  • street activation
  • display of goods
  • advertising
  • outdoor dining

We implement a Footpath Trading Policy, designed to balance the needs of both pedestrians and businesses. it aims to improve access and safety for shoppers, people with disability, and people with prams, while at the same time assisting businesses and enhancing the vibrancy of our popular shopping strips.

Footpath Trading Policy 2018.

The main changes from the 2015 policy are around the provision of street markers, charity collectors, and the calculation of fees in order to make footpath trading more accessible and fairer to all traders.See the Footpath Trading Policy 2018 (pdf, 264KB).

For more information, contact our Council on 9243 8888.

Apply for a permit

Complete a Footpath trading permit application (pdf, 144KB) and email it together with a copy of your current public liability insurance to

You will receive an email from our City Compliance team with details of the next steps that need to be taken to place your items on the footpath and your permit sticker will be posted to you.

Current Permit fees ( half fees apply from 10 October annually)  

Item Cost

Public art  


Pots and planter boxes 


Children’s rides 


Fruit and Veg or Plant and Flower 


Advertising signs and other small structures and displays  


Nightclubs queues 


Tables and chairs 




Café screens 


Outdoor heaters 


More information

Contact our City Compliance team on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 2:29 AM