Marketing and communications

Communications, including advertising and promotions, are essential tools for not-for-profits.

As the internet and social media grow, communications are produced more frequently and published more broadly than ever before. Communications raise special issues for not-for-profits, because getting communication wrong can raise both legal and reputational risks.

There are many laws that apply to public and private communications. Compliance with these laws will reduce both your legal risks, and reputational risks.

Social media

The internet, and especially social media, is increasingly becoming a vital communication and marketing tool for not-for-profit community organisations.


Most community organisations need to advertise their services, and to raise money for their activities.

Marketing, Media and Post Centre

The Marketing, Media and Post Centre has been established by Our Community and Australia Post to provide community groups with the resources and tools to develop and spread their message to the wider community, and to build greater public awareness and support.

Last updated: Monday, 1 August 2016, 5:11 AM