Asset protection permits

The majority of building works require materials to be moved to and from the property. We have found that this has the potential to damage our assets around the building site including footpaths, nature strips, kerb and channels, trees, signs, stormwater drainage facilities, laneways and the road pavement.

Obtaining asset protection

You need to obtain an Asset Protection Permit to ensure that our assets within the road reserve are protected, or repaired if damaged. The responsibility of protecting Council assets rests with the applicant. Download an City Compliance Building Fact Sheet (pdf, 1MB).

Complete the Asset Protection Application online form which will allow you to pay by credit card.

In association with proposed building works subject to the issue of a permit, we will allow the transportation of equipment, machinery, buildings and building materials within the road reserve.

Asset Protection Permit Fees

Asset Protection application payment is determined from the building cost stated on the building permit:

Building cost Fee 
$15,000 to $500,000 $438 
$501,000 to <$1 million $875
>$1 million $1157

As of Tuesday, 20 November 2018 a security bond of $1,500 will also be required with every Asset Protection Permit. This bond will be refunded after the building work is completed providing there is no damage to Council assets, or any damage is fixed. 

Photographs of existing conditions (prior to building works starting)

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that an accurate report of existing damage to Council assets is submitted. Photographs of the surrounding area must be submitted with the application. See acceptable and non-acceptable examples (pdf, 1.08MB) when returning a completed Asset Protection application form.

Failing to obtain asset protection

An infringement notice will be issued to the applicant if building works commence without notifying us of the works, or if building works commence prior to the issue of an Asset Protection Permit. We will assume that all public assets were satisfactory prior to the commencement of the building works and that any subsequent damage was caused by building works associated with your property.

Asset Protection Permit process

Initial inspection

1. Asset inspection
The applicant is required to report any damage to our assets prior to beginning building works. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inspect the area and report any damage on the Asset Protection Permit application.

Council assets include (but are not limited to):

  • Footpaths
  • Vehicle Crossing(s)
  • Parking Bay(s)
  • Stormwater Pits
  • Trees planted in the naturestrip
  • Roads and/or laneways
  • Kerb and channel

A permit application is generated and sent to the applicant shortly after the lodgement of the building permit with us.

2. Payment of fee
The Asset Protection Fee and security bond must be paid prior to commencement of any building work. This is done when applying through the online form above.

3. Damaged assets
If damage has occurred to Council assets and it is deemed that the damage is associated with your building activity, the extent of damage will be detailed and you will be notified in writing.

Damaged assets are to be repaired to our satisfaction. The contractor must have public liability insurance to a minimum value of $10,000,000. A Consent Permit under the Road Management Act 2004 is also required to carry out any works in the road reserve

4. Final inspection
We will undertake a final inspection upon notification that the ‘Final Inspection Certificate’ has been issued by your building surveyor or upon advice that works have been completed.

5. Deferred or cancelled work
Please advise us of the likely commencement date if building works are not scheduled to begin immediately.

6. Change bond refund bank details
To change bank account details for bond remittance, you'll need to download and complete the asset protection change bank details form (PDF, 356KB) and email back to council at along with a scanned copy of a photographic ID (drivers licence, passport).

Deferred or cancelled works

Where building works are not scheduled to begin immediately, please advise us as soon as possible what the likely commencement date would be. Please also notify us should the works be cancelled.

More about your building site

Under our local laws, it is an offence to:

  • leave a bulk rubbish container on a road without a permit
  • leave a building site without properly erected temporary fencing
  • leave any rubbish or material around the building site that obstructs the use of the road, endangers any residents or creates a potential health hazard
  • break open any footpath, road or vehicle crossing without the required permits
  • connect any stormwater plumbing into our drains without our approval

More information

Please see our Asset Protection Policy (pdf, 597KB) or call our Asset Protection Unit on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Thursday, 27 June 2019, 1:39 AM