Road management & maintenance

Road Management Plan 2017-21

The aim of the Road Management Plan 2017-2021 (RMP) is to guide us in relation to maintaining the road and path network. This plan provides clarity to the community about the level of service provided in maintaining the roads and paths we manage. It commits us to an inspection and maintenance program, which is supported by an appropriate budget.

The plan states how we will maintain defects and repairs on roadways, kerb and channel, pathways, constructed right of ways and other assets within a public road where we are the responsible road authority.

The plan shows what is considered a defect and how long it is expected to repair the defect. Defects are identified through regular inspections or by a resident contacting us.

Common examples of defects, which we repair include:

  • A trip hazard along a pathway. This could be from tree roots or soil movement which causes the pavement to shift.
  • A pot hole in a road or a constructed laneway that is of a size that could cause damage to a vehicle or an injury to a person.

The Road Management Plan and supporting documents have been developed in response to the Road Management Act 2004. The Act outlines the legislative requirements in the development of a Road Management Plan.

8. Related documents:

8.1. Register of public roads:     

8.2. Register of Paths outside the Road Reserve (xls, 43KB)

8.3. Road and Pathway Hierarchy Maps (pdf, 6.8MB)

8.4. Register of Car Parks (xls, 36KB)     

8.5. Register of Right of Ways (xls, 71KB)

8.6. Road and Pathway Inspection Manual (pdf, 2.1MB)

Maintenance of roads

We undertake road maintenance works to ensure that the road network is maintained to standards suitable for all users. We are responsible for the maintenance, repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of local roads. VicRoads is responsible for State highways and declared main roads.

View the list of arterial roads under Moonee Valley and under VicRoads (pdf, 164KB) to determine who the coordinating road authority is for the road.

Minor repair and maintenance of local roads and paths

We carry out a range of road repairs and maintenance services, including:

  • minor road repairs
  • pothole patching
  • reinstatement following underground works by gas, water, sewerage and telecommunications utilities
  • kerb, channel, footpath and bikepath maintenance issues

To lodge a request for maintenance, please contact Citizen Services on 9243 8888.

Major reconstruction or rehabilitation of local roads

If the extent of road repair works is beyond general maintenance, funding for major repair or reconstruction of local roads requires our approval under our Capital Works Program.

For more information see our proposed future works page.

Street signage

To lodge a request maintenance/replacement of a street sign or to remove the graffiti from a street sign, please contact Citizen Services on 9243 8888.

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