Council stands up for diversity

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Moonee Valley City Council has stood up for its culturally diverse community by endorsing a statement against racism and discrimination to coincide with Cultural Diversity Week.

At last night’s Council meeting, Councillors voted in favour of endorsing a Stand Together and Support Diversity Statement to support diversity, access and equity in Moonee Valley.

Moonee Valley Mayor Cr John Sipek said the statement builds on commitments outlined in Council’s Diversity, Access and Equity Policy.

“The diversity statement acknowledges that Moonee Valley is home to a range of cultural backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities and languages that all contribute to our thriving community,” Cr Sipek said.

“As someone who comes from a multicultural background myself, I think we can all acknowledge that this diversity is what gives Moonee Valley such great strength and vibrancy.”

Portfolio holder for Access, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cr Cam Nation said it was timely that Council was endorsing the statement at the same time as we celebrated Cultural Diversity Week across the municipality.

"Our municipality is one of the most amazingly culturally diverse communities in Melbourne, with more than a quarter of all residents born overseas from a mix of over 100 countries, and a third of all residents speaking a language other than English at home,” Cr Nation said.

“While we are so proud of our diverse community, we do sadly acknowledge that racism and discrimination are still realities for some of our residents, and this discrimination can have devastating impacts on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and our community.

“Diversity is a reality, and it is inclusion that is a choice, and as a Council it is a choice that we proudly make by embracing those who may be different to ourselves, and acknowledging the fundamental role they play in making Moonee Valley the thriving and amazing place it is today.

“It is for this reason that we are making this statement that Moonee Valley City Council stands together against racism and discrimination, and we ask our community to do the same.”

You can read the full statement on our Multiculturalism page.

Council will also be rolling out a number of initiatives this year to help foster social cohesion and celebrate our diversity in support of this statement.

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