Significant trees removed at Buckley Street

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Moonee Valley Mayor Cr John Sipek said:

“This morning the State Government began removing trees along Buckley Street, commencing construction without any further community consultation or meaningful assessment.

“Council only found out about the tree removal after it had already begun.

“The trees that are currently being removed include 17 sugar gum trees which are on our Significant Tree Register as the largest trees in this area, offering greenery and character to the landscape.

“These trees were protected by an Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) in our Planning Scheme until the Minister approved Amendment C180, which we were only notified about on 18 January and was only published in the Government Gazette last Thursday.

“This amendment was prepared by the Minister for Planning at the request of the LXRA and effectively turns off all planning controls around the Buckley Street Level Crossing, including the ESO which protects these significant sugar gum trees.

“At no point were we informed about the removal of trees along Buckley Street, which was clearly planned. While some residents have informed us that they did receive a notice informing them that arborists using specialised vegetation removal equipment would be in the area, there was no specific mention of which trees would be removed or where.

“This is another example – and a tangible, irreversible one at that – of how the State Government has made no public announcement and failed to inform the community or Council of these actions.”

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